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Big news for fans of the Little Women franchise.

Joe Gnoffo, the husband of Little Women: LA star Terra Jole, jumped on Instagram this week and hinted pretty strongly that this show’s run is about to come to an end.

He didn’t merely hint, to be honest.

He came right out and said it.

little la

"With the Little Women:Atlanta season finale happening last week, it’s most likely a conclusion of all things Little Women on the Lifetime network," wrote Gnoffo, breaking the hearts of followers everywhere.

He added:

Speaking of all things "Little Women",I’d like to congratulate and celebrate my wife,Terra Jole on a job well done!

Terra was executive producer on Little Women:LA from the beginning and around 10 spin-offs and specials later,plus a little boogie woogie on Dancing With the Stars.

Concluded the Lifetime personality:

I’d just like to say,take a bow Terra! You knocked it out of the park!

Personally,my favorite show of hers was Terra’s Little Family but I could be biased. Or maybe it’s because Penny is a star just like her mama!

Thanks to all the fans! You are some crazy mofo’s but you kept this little idea of my wife’s going for about 8 years. Cheers!

Photo via Instagram

To be clear, Gnoffo doesn’t have the final word on cancelation or anything.

An insider recently told The Sun that no resolution has yet been reached when it comes to the future of the Little Women franchise.

“We were set to start filming in May but due to LA being shut down there was nothing we could capture so we paused filming,” this source explained to this outlet, citing Covid-19 restrictions in the city.

Little Women: LA premiered on Lifetime in 2014.

However, new episodes of the program have not aired since August 2019.

Little Women: Atlanta, meanwhile, kicked off in 2016 and the final episode of Season 6 aired earlier this month.

Little Women: LA also spawned spin-offs Little Women: NY (which wrapped up in 2016 after two seasons) and Little Women: Dallas… which concluded in 2017.