Josh Duggar: It's All Good! No Way Am I Going to Jail!

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According to a bombshell new cover story from one of the most highly-circulated magazines in the country, Josh Duggar is reacting to his April arrest very differently from other members of his family.

The accused pedophile is allegedly pretty relaxed about the whole thing.

His siblings, however?

Along with other loved ones?

Josh Duggar at the Piano

They're pretty freaked out and upset about the whole thing.

Indeed, various Duggar family members are gracing the front page of the latest People issue, although not due to any recent pregnancy or birth announcement.

Instead, Jim Bob and Michelle are standing in front two of their daughters and the accompanying headline reads as follows:

The Downfall of the Duggars.

so many duggars here

"They built a TV empire based on their strict faith," reads the sub-headline.

"Now shocking scandals are splinting the 19 Kids and Counting family."

Such a statement shouldn't come as a major surprise to dedicated celebrity gossip followers.

Ever since Josh got arrested this spring on two charges of child pornography possession, we've witnessed Jim Bob and Michelle's kids acting out like never before.

Jana Duggar Goes Blonde

Just yesterday, for example, we outlined all the ways in which Jana Duggar was breaking her dad's quite conservative rules.

There's also been chatter of late that Jinger is cutting ties with her family, while Jill basically did so a long time ago.

She hasn't seen her parents for two years.

"They aren't as close as they once were because of all of Josh's legal drama," a family source tells People in this week's issue.

Josh Duggar is a Bad Dad

Adds this insider of the ongoing scandal:

"It's creating a lot of stress on them -- although the majority of the family is acting like nothing has happened."

Josh, of course, has put his family through plenty even prior to this arrest.

He confessed in 2015 that he molested his own sisters back when he was a teenager (prompting TLC to cancel 19 Kids and Counting) and then also confessed that year to cheating on his wife.

Anna and Josh Duggar Pic

Not merely cheating on his wife, either.

But cheating on Anna -- who is expecting the couple's seventh child this fall --  with random women he met via the website Ashley Madison, which matches up users with potential mistresses.

Following this latter admission, Josh claimed he had an addiction to pornography and checked into a faith-based rehabilitation center in Illinois.

How have his siblings responded to these controversies?

Anna Duggar and Awful Husband

In October 2016, Jinger and her husband moved to Texas and then Los Angeles, placing considerable distance between themselves and the former's relates.

A year later, Jill and husband Derick Dillard quit the spinoff Counting On and accused Jim Bob of essentially stealing their salaries.

More recently, Jinger and Jeremy released statements saying they were "disturbed" by the child porn allegations against Josh and wanted "justice."

For members of this family, such words broke from the tradition of supporting Josh admit his myriad of scandals and simply spouting a bunch of cliches about God and faith. 

Josh Duggar at a Game

Josh -- who has pleaded not guilty to charges of possessing and receiving child pornography -- is staying with third party custodians, Lacount and Maria Reber, these days.

He is confined to their home via GPS tracking as he awaits his criminal trial on November 30.

According to this same cover story, he isn't overly concerned about his future, either.

"He really thinks he's going to get out of it," a source tells People.

Josh Duggar Close Up

Makes sense, doesn't it?

The guy has lived most of his life consequence-free, mostly due to the protection of his seemingly evil mom and dad.

"Jim Bob and Michelle "are very much standing by their son," reports People, adding:

"Jim Bob always wants to sweep things under the rug. He's never going to talk about the scandal because it's bad for business."

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