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As has been previously reported in detail, Jen Shah may go to jail for many years

She has been arrested on money laundering and conspiracy charges and is accused of defrauding a countless number of vulnerable citizens via a telemarketing scheme that she may have orchestrated.

It sure sounds like Shah is in big trouble with the law.

Jen Shah and Husband

On Sunday night, meanwhille, we learned that Shah’s marriage was also in big trouble just a short while back — to the point where a divorce seemed like a real possibility.

"I thought that my entire world was ending. Six months ago, Sharrieff and I almost got a divorce," Jen told Lisa Barlow on the Season 2 premiere of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

She added of her and her husband:

"Really, I thought my life was, like, over."

Continued to embattled Bravo personality:

"Sharrieff felt like he wasn’t being a positive influence in my life. Like, he couldn’t help me.

"What I didn’t realize was how I was acting and because I hadn’t fully told him how I was feeling, it made him feel like he was the problem."

Just how bad did things get? How close did the relationship come to ending?

Shah, Jen

Shah said she believed the couple was merely engaged in an "argument," but…

"… the next day, a divorce attorney contacted me. He had already reached out to a divorce attorney. And Lisa, I was devastated."

What was happening, though?

Jen Shah as a Housewife

Asked by Lisa about "the catalyst" for their issues and how the couple would "move forward," Jen replied:

"After my dad passed and he wasn’t there, I didn’t realize this but I was being resentful to Sharrieff, and I didn’t even know I was."

Sharrieff works as an assistant football coach for the University of Utah.

"It’s hard, like, being a coach’s wife in a power five conference," Shah said on the premiere, perhaps giving the PAC-12 a bit too much credit and continuing:

"People don’t understand, this is not little league. I told Sharrieff I signed off on him being a coach. … I can’t be upset with him because I told him to do this."

Shah went on to reveal that she and her husband of 26 years — with whom she shares sons Omar and Sharrieff Jr. — had sought couples therapy.

"And now we’re in couples therapy. We want to be together," said Jen.

"I was like, ‘Yo, no one’s leaving nobody in this marriage. You can try, it’s not working.’"

Concluding on this topic, Jen noted that she was feeling "happier" because she had confronted what was "killing" her inside.

Jen Shah on Season Premiere

Of course, there’s still the whole arrest thing hanging over Jen’s head.

She got a call about it while filming this premiere and had to leave a group outing to deal with it.

Shah has maintained her innocence following her March arrest and even claimed she’s only in trouble because she’s famous.

Which could be true, we suppose.

Or she may be in trouble because she’s a selfish and greedy and awful person.

One of the two, you know?