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Another day.

Another bombshell from a member of the Duggar family.

This one is from a somewhat less famous member, however, and it has nothing to do with getting arrested for some despicable reason.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

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On Saturday, Jed Duggar and his wife, Katey Nakatsu, announced they were expecting their very first child.


"She tested positive, but not for Covid," Jed wrote as a caption to the photos above and beyond, perhaps trying a bit too hard to be funny and/or cheeky.

Jed then linked to the couple’s YouTube page, where a user was taken to a video of the couple in a car, along with the message: 

We are super excited to announce that we are expecting our first child due in Spring 2022!!!

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In the nearly 10 minutes of footage on the page, the newlyweds — who just got married four months ago — appeared to be driving together during the night.

"We picked up a pregnancy test. I have been feeling kinda funny for the past few weeks," explains Nakatsu in the video, adding:

"I have been having cramping, bloating, just different things that have been odd.

"I need to take a pregnancy test. If it’s negative, we should go to a doctor and make sure everything is okay."

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Jed then screams out: "It was positive! We having a baby!"

From there, his wife also yells and cheers and the celebration is on.

"We thank the Lord first of all because God answered our prayers," adds Katey.

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The couple got married at a packed outdoor ceremony in Arkansas in April, promptly sharing a number of photos from their honeymoon.

"No matter the view, I want to see it with you," Jed wrote as a sweet caption to one snapshot of the pair on a beach.

Along with a wedding photo of himself and Katey, meanwhile. Jed gushed and gushed this spring.

And then he gushed some more.

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"For a long time I have prayed for my future spouse, not knowing who that person would be," he wrote at the time.

"God answered my prayers far beyond what I could have ever imagined in Katey!

"We have enjoyed quietly developing our relationship over the past year and every moment together has been amazing!

"I’m so grateful God brought Katey into my life and excited to share with you all that today she became my wife! Katey, the thought of sharing the rest of my life with you makes me the happiest man in the world! I love you so much!!"

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Seems like a couple truly in love.

For whatever it is worth, Jed is one of the only Duggars to not yet have commented at all on Josh getting arrested for allegedly downloading child pornography.

He has thus far pleaded not guilty and his trial is schedulde to begin on November 30.

But, hey, congrats to Jed and Katey!