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Kourtney Kardashian has been living her best life in recent months.

Insiders say her relaiotnship with Travis Barker has made her happier than ever, and the lovebirds can’t help but share their joy with the world on Instagram.

Unfortunately, it’s not all love and happiness on Kourtney’s page at the moment.

When you’ve got 142 million followers, you’re bound to attract a few haters, and at the moment, Kourtney finds herself mired in a small controversy stemming from the nature of the content she posts.

Kourtney Kardashian Flaunts Hourglass Figure Without Filters

No, we’re not talking about Shanna Moakler and her complaints about Kourtney and Travis’ PDA.

We’re talking about photoshopping allegations that apparently led Kourtney to delete a recent bikini photo.

Interestingly, no one is claiming that Kourtney retouched the photo that was deleted.

Kourtney Kardashian Snaps a Natural Selfie in Red

Instead, they believe the pic was uploaded accidentally and offers evidence of what Kourtney actually looks like — as opposed to what she wants her followers to think she looks like.

Interestingly, Kourtney’s Poosh company captioned the photo (below) with praise for the boss’ booty and promises about how fans can achieve a similar look.

"Talk about an instant butt lift,” the caption read.

Photo via Instagram

“We tapped Kourt’s trainer @jesseohara for her top at-home pilates moves for a rounder rear.” 

Kourtney’s fans were just as enthusiastic, heaping praise upon the mother of three for her keeping it real by showing her true self on the ‘Gram.

“It’s so good to see celebs with cellulite,” one person wrote, according to In Touch.

Photo via Instagram

“Way to empower the natural [woman’s] body!!,” another added.

“I love that the little dimples were kept!” a third chimed in.

“She is officially the most interesting to look at!!” a fourth remarked.

Photo via Instagram

Some fans went so far as to thank Kourtney for the important work she’s been performing.

“You’re my favorite because you are REAL. I don’t see any of the other family members posting such raw photos,” one user wrote. 

“I congratulate Kourtney for promoting that bodies ARE NO LONGER PERFECT, and we don’t have to BE ASHAMED ABOUT THAT,” another added.

Photo via Instagram

When the photo disappeared from Kourtney’s personal and corporate pages over night, many commenters were shocked, and some went so far as to accuse the eldest Kardashian sister of rank hypocrisy.

Kourtney has a long history of sending body positive messages to her fans, and many pointed out that the last time she was pressured about her appearance she clapped back in epic fashion.

“This is me when I have a few extra pounds on, and I actually love it,” Kourtney replied on Instagram when fans gave her a hard time last year.

“I have given birth three amazing times, and this is the shape of my body.”

Now, it’s possible that Kourtney’s decision to delete the pic had nothing to do with comments from fans or observations that she looks different than she does in her other photos.

She may have simply decided that she doesn’t like the photo.

We hope that’s the case, as the alternative is too sad to contemplate.

We hate to think of Kourtney being subdued by trash talk and shamed into deleting a pic she actually likes.

But if that’s what happened, then it serves as a potent reminder that no one is above being bullied.