Big Brother Recap: Who Made History as the First Black Winner?

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Big Brother made history Wednesday night when it crowned its first African-American winner.

After a season of twists and turns, the finale kicked off with the final three members of the dominant Cookout alliance:

Big Brother 23's Final Three

- Azah Awasum

- Derek Frazier

- Xavier Prather

At the top of the episode, Xavier had already won the first part of the final Head of Household competition, leaving Azah and Derek to duke it out for the second part.

Azah Awasum for CBS

The competition was a puzzle that forced the pair to answer questions correctly about events this season.

It featured an oversized slot machine and a lack of stakes.

Azah, to the surprise of no one, managed to best Derek with the fastest time.

The move means that Derek has made it this far into the game without winning a single competition.

Xavier Prather on Big Brother

Is he a coaster or a floater? That's up for debate, but he certainly has some delusions about his part in the Cookout.

Throughout this 90-minute finale, he couldn't resist saying that he conceived the alliance and that he was a pivotal part of the decisions.

Thankfully, Azah caught on to those delusions and realized that Derek was not taking her to the end if he had won the final competition.

Azah pondered her chances of taking Xavier, but she knew there was a good chance he would beat her.

Derek Xiao on Big Brother 23

Azah had a blowout argument with Derek about their contributions to the Cookout, and it seemed like she had soured on taking her BFF to the end should she win the final competition.

She told Xavier as much and that she was leaning toward taking him because of how well he played the game.

We took a break from the drama to see what the jury felt about the state of the game, and it was clear no one thought Derek F had a chance.

“The only good thing I can say about Derek is that we have the same name,” Derek X said, clearly trying to hold in his laughter.

Kyland Young on Big Brother

Another delusional houseguest has got to be Kyland. He arrived at the roundtable and said that Hannah and Derek were interchangeable.

The flaw in his logic is that Hannah actually won competitions and was an active part in the strategy for the Cookout's success.

She was the person who set up ally Claire's downfall by telling her to play in the Coin of Destiny before she was evicted a week later.

Derek, quite frankly, spent the summer napping and served a minimal purpose in the overall game.

Xavier Prather for Big Brother

When we got to the final HOH, Xavier and Azah were both picking the wrong statement about their houseguests.

Azah made a mistake in round one that came back to bite her because she got every question right aside from the first.

Xavier steamrolled, getting every question right.

Ultimately, Xavier opted to keep Derek F in the game to compete at the final two, making sense. Who could say Derek F played a better game than Xavier?

Tiffany Mitchel for CBS

The jury voted unanimously to crown Xavier the winner of Big Brother 23.

In the end, Tiffany scored America's Favorite Houseguest win, and it was another great decision.

Tiffany should have been in the final three based on her contributions to the game alone.

What did you think of the history-making finale?

Big Brother returns in February for a new celebrity edition!

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