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The Cookout is dominating the entirety of Big Brother Season 23.

The group of six have masterfully plotted all summer long, and with one of them on the block against their fake ally, it was obviously going to be another predictable vote.

When the episode picked up, Kyland and Sarah Beth were still on the block.

Kyland and Sarah Beth

With the plan to eliminate Sarah Beth, it left Alyssa and Claire as the sole non-Cookout people in the house, and Alyssa said Claire would be the only white person left in the house at the end of this week.

"Maybe there’s an alliance in the house I don’t know about," Claire said with a laugh.

This whole exchange made Xavier uneasy, and he went to the bathroom to tell the cameras Alyssa would need to go next.

Photo via CBS

Alyssa has been such a pivotal part of X’s game, but with her catching on to the Cookout, he knows she needs to be the next target.

There wasn’t much of a scramble for votes this week due to Kyland being on the block.

That’s why producers opted to fill the episode with Big D losing his chill when a beetle arrived in a backyard.

In one of the most comical scenes in the history of the series, he tried to escape the hammock with such force that poor Hannah rolled over the other end and whacked her head on the wood below.

Photo via CBS

While this played out, Claire and Azah cooked dinner, but with a twist. The oven caught fire, and they had to act fast to stop the flames.

When it came to the live vote and eviction, Tiffany gave Sarah Beth a sympathy vote, but everyone else voted to send her to the jury house.

It was a nice dose of karma for the way she treated Derek X last week.

Britini was shocked by Derek’s arrival in the jury house, and the pair started to put together the clues to the Cookout.

Derek Xiao on Big Brother 23

Kyland has been dropping hints in his goodbye messages, which is not surprising. He wants their jury votes, and who can blame him?

When we returned to the house, it was time for the next HOH competition. Claire was forced to throw it because of her secret HOH power last week.

What’s the point of the power if it’s detrimental to the player the following week? It seems like a bizarre list of rules for something deemed "The Coin of Destiny."

The HOH competition was endurance, and it was supposed to last well into the wee hours, but Derek F dropped during the commercial break, and the only hope for a non-Cookout HOH was dashed when Alyssa fell before the episode was over.

Xavier Prather on Big Brother

Let’s delve into spoiler territory below:

After the show, the Big Brother live feeds kicked off, revealing Tiffany was in power, once again.

This is especially intriguing because it means Tiffany could target Claire if Alyssa wins the POV.

Next week, we have a double eviction, followed by another double eviction the following week.

Photo via CBS

This means that if all members of the Cookout are left standing at the end of next week’s double, two of them will be sent packing the following week.

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS.