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Does she or doesn’t she?

This was the question on the minds of ABC viewers Monday night as the spotlight shined down brightly on Victoria Paul.

The Bachelor in Paradise contestant spent part of the latest episode hanging out with James Bonsall, only to then get called out by fellow stars Tammy Ly and Kelsey.

They alleged that Victoria was merely using James and, MAJOR WRONG REASONS ALERT, actually had a boyfriend back at home.

Victoria Paul on the Premiere

Paul was appalled by the accusation — especially considering the very public way in which it was leveled against her.

“I’m just more hurt that my friends couldn’t come to me and check me,” Victoria, who initially appeared on Peter Weber‘s season of The Bachelor in 2020, told the cameras.

“I’m wading through water that I’ve never been in before…

"When James said that Kelsey and Tammy came to him, it hurt they did not feel like they could come and talk to me, that’s the biggest thing.”

Victoria Paul

Tammy, for her part, insisted on air that she would call "people out on their bulls–t" no matter what.

And, eventually, the pressure grew too overwhelming for Victoria … who decided to send herself home.

“I think the best thing for me to do is take all of me, imperfect me, and walk away from this. I hope that you walk away from this with the love of your life,” she told James.

Paul then strongly implied that there was someone waiting for her at home, saying in the subseuqent limo ride:

"I tried to make something work, and I realized that I don’t have to search for what I already have at home."

Photo via ABC

So… Victoria does have a boyfriend then?

Nope, she now emphasizes.

"@teddyrobb and I broke up in May and we’ve remained great friends," Victoria posted on Instagram on August 23, including a picture of herself and her ex, who’s a musician.


Robb also posted to his Instagram Stories in an attempt clear up his relationship timeline with Victoria.

"For those of y’all asking @victorianpaul and I dated before she went on @bachelorinparadise," he wrote.

"It didn’t work out for us but we are on good terms and I wish her the best."

But what about that home remark in the limo?

Paul captioned a video with her family to acknowledge her absence on the reality series… and to explain this comment.

"Home is place where I’m accepted. Valued. Heard. Seen. Loved. Understood," she said.

"It’s a place I can be all of me, surrounded by people who love me the way Jesus does."

Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 2 Online
Watch Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 2 Online

Elsewhere, Victoria included an answer she’d provided months prior when a follower asked her for breakup advice.

“Truthfully, I’m currently walking through this season,” she’d written at the time.

“Know that joy can STILL be found in the midst of uncertainty give him/her grace …and yourself some, too!”