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Last month, we reported on the tragic death of Tracie Wagaman.

The troubled Love After Lockup star passed away shortly after giving birth, and rumors about her cause of death have been circulating non-stop ever since.

Viewers of the reality series will recall that Tracie struggled with substance abuse issues throughout her short life.

While investigators have yet to declare an official cause of death, Tracie’s boyfriend, Luke Loera, recently spoke out for the first time since her passing, and he insists that the situation is far more complex than it appears.

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Loera was in jail at the time of Tracie’s passing, but we took to Instagram Live over the weekend to offer his take on last month’s tragic developments.

“This is Luke Loera and I know about the news that’s going on, Tracie Wagaman is dead, I guess,” he said in the video, as first reported by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

“According to the news and the Starcasm and everything else like that, and according to … according to Katie that she died after she got pregnant or after she gave birth, labor, I have no idea what that means, I don’t even know if that’s true.”

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From there, Luke shared what little he knows about the fate of Tracie’s child.

"I’m telling you right now that, no, I don’t have my girl,” he said.

“I’m OK, I’m good. It’s crazy, I just got out of jail. … It just sucks. The baby’s in California or with [Tracie’s] brother.”

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Loera previously stated that he and Tracie had made the joint decision to give their child up for adoption.

“Yes, that was our discussion, we had agreed to doing that and we were going to try to get the baby back as soon as we could get ourselves straight and get ourselves more motivated and out of our situation that we were in,” he said at the time.

As for the cause of death, Luke’s comments are sure to spark even greater interest in a case that’s already made countless tabloid headlines.

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“I suspect foul play. I don’t know who did this but whoever did this should pay for this,” he said.

“I think it was foul play, I think she got some type of drug, which was fentanyl, I did a little investigation on myself, and I don’t know all the details," Loera added.

"I thank you guys for your support and I will always be here. I don’t know what happened, her mom and her brother will not talk to me," Luke concluded.

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"Whoever did this, I swear to God, I will find you and I will, I will make you guys pay.”

While the Wagaman family is obviously not in contact with Loera, at least one of them shares his concerns about the possibility of foul play.

Speaking out just days after his sister’s passing, Mark Wagaman stated that Tracie’s death "remains a mystery," and the family is hoping for a thorough investigation.

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It may be quite some time before the medical examiner goes public with Tracie’s toxicology report, and many are already convinced that the results will not tell the whole story of her untimely death at the age oif 41.

But whatever happens, we hope that Tracie’s loved ones are eventually able to find the answers they’re looking for.

Our thoughts go out to them during this enormously difficult time.