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Late last week, Kim Kardashian stunned fans by showing up at her estranged husband’s concert in Chicago.

To be more accurate, actually:

Late last week, Kim Kardashian stunned fans by showing up at her estranged husband’s concert in Chicago… wearing a wedding dress!

What did this unexpected appearance mean?

Kim Kardashian with Ye
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Not very much, most observers assumed shortly after it took place.

Yes, Kim filed for divorce in February — but the reality star and rapper didn’t seem to be on especially bad terms and it wasn’t all that wild to think Kardashian would be willing to help West promote his new album.

This was merely a business arrangement between the former spouses, right?

Nope. Wrong, apparently.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in 2018


According to Radar Online, Kim grabbed a hold of Kanye’s hand backstage at the event, not long before she shared the stage with the polarizing artist.

"The formerly happy couple was caught on the side of the stage with their hands in an intense grip," reported Radar on Friday, reminding readers that Kanye recently split from model Irina Shayk.

In order to get back together with his famous ex?

Kimye Throwback
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Opinions are mixed on that subject.

"Kim and Kanye have a deep love for each other and many amazing memories and it’s difficult to just let that all go," an Entertainment Tonight source claims, for example.

"Kim’s main focus and concern are her children and doing what is best for them and their family."

This same source alleges that Kim "considering her options" with Kanye, but keeping her children at the top of her mind.

Yesus and Kim
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West, for his part, is supposedly all about tapping that iconic rear end once again.

"Kanye wants to get back with Kim and he has been trying to win her over again and reprove himself," writes ET.

West ran for President last year, ranting his way through one campaign stop after another… even spilling such family secrets at the time as admitting he wanted to abort daughter North when Kim became pregnant with her.

The superstar quickly became an embarrassing laughingstock, prompting Kardashian to eventually file divorce papers.

Kanye West Gets Silly

She’s never bad-mouthed Kanye in public, however, having acknowledged the depths of his mental health struggles last July.

"Kanye asked her to do something and Kim was happy to do it," a source told E! News about the whole wedding-dress-concert-thing from last Thursday.

"She has always supported his work and will continue to do that in the future. She enjoys collaborating with Kanye.

"They have a bond for life and she wants to be there for him."

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Reminisce in Black and White

Kanye dropped his new album on Sunday, naming it after his late mother, "Donda."

Kim supposedly understands how much the album means to West and is happy to help him push it — but there’s nothing more to read into here between the celebrities.

"The tension has subsided and they are good friends now," explains the E! insider.

"They really love each other as friends. It’s all working out nicely and they are happy they can do things together as a big family now, instead of keeping it separate."