Katie Thurston: Still with The Bachelorette Winner?

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Let's just get the following out of the way up front, okay?

We're not gonna spoil The Bachelorette finale... just yet.

This Monday night, Katie Thurston will choose between Justin Glaze and Blake Moynes, selecting one of these stud muffins to be hopefully be her husband and, potentiallly, the father of her children.

Talk about a major decision, right?!?

Katie Thurston on Her Finale

Do we know who Thurston sends home and to whom she gives her final rose?

Yes, thanks to a number of The Bachelorette spoilers that have been floating around the Internet for weeks now.

Are you ready to find out? Are you prepared to (possibly) be shocked by the outcome?

Okay, here we go...

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes Kiss!

... Blake Moynes will be your next Bachelorette champion!

As noted above, however, we've known this information for awhile now. So have many residents of Bachelor Nation.

The bigger question at this point, therefore, is whether not Thurston and Moynes get engaged on the season finale.

And, if so... are they still together?!?

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes

According to Reality Steve, the answer to one of these queries is YES. Moynes and Thurston get engaged on Monday's concluding episode.

"Katie definitely got engaged at the end of this," the television expert previously wrote on his blog.

"And unless she breaks up before the finale, which I guess anything can happen, but she's happy and engaged as we speak, so I'd expect that to last til the finale you'd think."

That's the thing, though, right?

Blake and Katie

The Bachelorette finale was filmed several weeks ago.

There's no way of knowing for absolute certain if Moynes and Thurston are still together, not until they provide us with an update on next week's life After the Final Rose special.

We do have reasons to believe the couple remains, well, a couple, however.

First, consider the following Instagram picture:

Blake Moynes and a Cat

It features Blake Moynes and a cat.

Granted, the suitor works as a wildlife manager and has often posted snapshots of himself with a variety of animals.

Rarely with any felines, though, and Thurston is a loud and proud cat person.

Putting two and two together, a bevy of followers took one glimpse at this photo and concluded that it was Blake's sublte way of confirming this summer that he's still with Katie.

At Home with Blake

Thurston, meanwhile, announced in late July that she's moving to San Diego.

She didn't tell us why and she didn't mention Moynes anywhere in this announcement.

But it does seem safe to assume that Thurston wouldn't have any reason to make such a major life change unless she had an important reason to do so.

In other words... unless she and Moynes had agreed to start their life together in this beloved California city.

Thurston in Thought

Again, we'll know everything on August 9. That's the date Thurston has had circled for a long time now.

"I’ve officially made peace with everything that has happened,” Katie told Entertainment Tonight after the Men Tell All special.

“I’m in a place where I am very happy with my life and where I’m at, and that’s all I can do to continue to move forward.”

Katie Thurston on Men Tell All

She added in that interview:

“I’ve really been living under a rock this whole time.

"So come August 9, I’m ready to get out of the house and move forward with my life and just really figure things out and what the future holds for me.”

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