Jana Duggar-Stephen Wissmann Wedding: Is It Happening THIS Weekend?!

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There hasn't been a lot of good news for the Duggar family in recent weeks.

In fact, it seems that Josh Duggar's arrest on child pornography charges will force the entire family out of the spotlight and bring about financial ruin for Jim Bob and most of his children.

But if there's any bright side in all of this for any of the Duggars, it might be this:

Jana Duggar seems to be in the midst of planning a quickie wedding so that her family can ship her to a new state before the situation gets even worse!

Jana Duggar, Stephen Wissmann split (early August 2021)

Yes, as you've probably heard by now, Jana is being courted by Stephen Wissmann, a Nebraska-based businessman and amateur pilot.

No official announcement has been made, but it's been clear for quite some time that Jana and Stephen are involved in a relationship.

Jana has been spotted in Nebraska on multiple occasions, and she even celebrated Christmas with the Wissmanns, a move that leads many to believe that the relationship has been going on for much longer than most Duggar courtships.

Jana With Jessa

Of course, it makes sense that Jana would take her time in this situation.

After all, she's been highly selective with regard to choosing a mate, and all that waiting, all those abandoned courtships were for nothing if she just rushes into marriage with the wrong man.

But it seems that Jana and Stephen have been experiencing a sense of urgency in recent weeks.

Stephen Wissmann With Nephews

Our guess would be that they don't want to announce their marriage only to have the news overshadowed by the start of Josh's trial just weeks later.

So Duggar fans and critics alike are on the lookout for signs of a secretive marriage.

And many believe Jana's big day will be happening as soon as this weekend.

Jana Duggar on a Couch

“It would not surprise me at all if Jana and Stephen married this weekend,” one Reddit user recently wrote.

“Only Jinger and Jill are posting regularly and all the talk about hair updates leads me to believe they are both going to be bridesmaids.”

One significant hint that a major event is around the corner comes from the Wissmann family's touring schedule.

Stephen Wissman Photo

Along with his parents and siblings, Stephen is part of a musical act that's apparently on hiatus for the next few weeks.

After Aug. 9 they don’t have anything scheduled until Sept. 2,” one user observed.

“They could fit in a wedding and honeymoon.”

The Wissmann Family

“They’re definitely getting married soon before Josh appears in court,” another person pointed out.

That gives them until November, though it makes sense that they would wish to put as much space between the two events as possible.

Of course, there are still some people -- diehard Duggar fans mostly -- who choose to believe that Jana and Stephen are not courting, as the family would never keep such an important development from the public.

Jana Duggar Spills the Tea

“Congratulations to your sister Jana on her engagement,” one fan recently wrote on Jessa Duggar's Instagram page.

“Jessa literally just said it’s false. Stop spreading rumors," another rebuffed.

Yes, who could ever imagine something as crazy as the Duggar family lying to their fans?

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