Greg Grippo's Shady Behavior to Be Revealed In Bachelorette Finale?

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On reality shows and in real-life dating situations, sometimes you're gonna run across someone who's just not there for the right reasons.

In the case of The Bachelorette there are many reasons why a guy might throw his hat in the ring other than a genuine desire to find true love.

The most common ulterior motive is a quest to be named the next Bachelor, but there are other agendas that might inspire a young dude to step out of the limo and into the spotlight.

Take the strange case of Greg Grippo, for example.

Greg Grippo as a Suitor

With his affable demeanor and '90s prep school haircut, Greg had an easy time winning over viewers -- and Katie Thurston.

He made it all the way to the hometown round (such as it is during Covid) before taking himself out of the competition in one of the most emotional scenes in franchise history.

When Grippo quit the show, he actually broadened his fan base, as many viewers stated that their respect for the Jersey native increased upon watching him stick by his principles.

Greg Grippo with Katie

Katie had her own rules about if and when she would tell one of the guys that she loved them, so in the end, she felt compelled to let Greg go, however reluctantly.

But while it was easy for Greg to earn the title of fan favorite, his time on the show was not without some controversy.

The problem, it seems, is that Greg was not quite open about the fact that his career ambitions go well beyond his current career as a marketing sales representative.

Greg Grippo Says Hello

As Page Six reports this week, Grippo attended the the prestigious New York City drama school William Esper Studio for two years.

But over the course of several intimate one-on-one dates with Katie, he didn't seem to mention his desire to make a name for himself as an actor.

Maybe it was a youthful dream that he's since let go of.

Greg Grippo

Or maybe Greg hoped that the show would provide the exposure he needs to break into Hollywood.

Whatever the case, it seems the situation is serious enough that the Greg controversy will be addressed in the upcoming season finale.

This, according to Tayshia Adams who addressed Grippo-gate in a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Greg Grippo on The Bachelorette

“You know, I’ll just tell you this: That will be addressed,” Adams said when Seacrest asked about Greg.

“So, just wait, just wait,” she added.

Several fans seem to be of the belief that Grippo staged his dramatic fight with Katie in order to show off his acting chops.

Greg Grippo and Katie Thurston

One commenter suggested that the scene served as “his audition for the rest of his career.”

Of course, that doesn't really make sense, as in order to get credit for the acting, Greg would have to admit that he was being fraudulent, which would probably serve as a major turn-off co casting directors.

Whatever the case, it seems Greg is complying with his contract and keeping quiet for now -- but we're sure the guy will have one hell of a tale to tell when the time comes.

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