Gina Krasley, Late My 600-Lb Life Star, Sued Producers Prior to Passing

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As previously and tragically reported, Gina Krasley is dead at the young age of 30.

The former My 600-Lb Life cast member had just appeared on this reality show last season, documenting all the challenges and obstacles that caused her weight to fluctuate in such a dangerous manner.

For example?

Her dad left her as a child.

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“I remember what made me forget the pain of being abandoned was eating — and by the time I was 10, I was already over 150 pounds," she said on air at one point.

By age 14, Gina weighed more than 300 pounds.

However, she continued to turn to food as an “escape,” she explained as a cast member:

“As I was getting closer to 500 pounds, it started to get harder to do things.”


To be clear, no cause of death has been announced yet for Gina Krasley.

But she had recently told followers that she was suffering from some kind of illness that left her limbs in extreme pain.

We can also now confirm the following:

The 600-Lb Life alum was one of 10 current and former cast members to sue the company that produced the TLC reality program, accusing Megalomedia of causing them "intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence."

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In May, a judge ruled in favor of the cast members, granting their request to consolidate the lawsuits into one parent document.

Meaning what, exactly?

That evidence and/or information uncovered in a deposition that pertains to one cast member ... can be used in regard to the claims of any one of the other nine.

Gina Krasley

Krasley, specifically, accused the production company of failing to administer a psychological evaluation on her prior to shooting.

She also accused it of failing to provide adequate mental-health services during the season.

And also of failing to properly train employees on how to handle depression and the risk of suicide that often accompany the extreme weight-loss regimens the cast members are ordered to follow.

Krasley even claimed producers intentionally put her in stressful situations to secure high ratings when she appeared on the series during Season 8.

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In court documents obtained by The New York Post, Krasley accused Dr. Younan Nowzaradan – the show's main physician, who specializes in vascular and bariatric surgery – of putting her on "an extreme weight loss diet" in order to be considered healthy enough to undergo a life-saving operation...

... only to be forced by producers "to eat excessive amounts of food on-screen to portray her as someone who could not follow the diet."

Yikes, huh?!?


The first lawsuit of the ones cited above was filed by the family of James L.B. Bonner -- who committed suicide in 2018 after his appearance on Season 6 of the show.

Krasley passed away last Sunday in her New Jersey home, "surrounded by her loving family," according to her obituary.

The former reality star was allegedly receiving home care and seeing a neurologist as recently as four days prior to her death.

No further details have been revealed regarding the cause of her death -- but, in lieu of flowers, Gina's family has asked that friends and fans donate to a "mental health charity of your choosing."

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