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Last week’s revelation that Erika Jayne had a screaming match with a producer was only the tip of the iceberg.

She feels that she has been betrayed by production and by Bravo as they edit her drama for the show.

The thing is that she’s stuck — she certainly can’t afford to quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

And Bravo isn’t likely to fire her any time in the near future.

Erika Jayne Feels Betrayed

An inside source opened up to The Sun about how things have deteriorated between the network and the Pretty Mess.

"Erika’s relationship with Bravo isn’t in the best of places now for a few reasons," the insider described.

The source added that this has been "mostly because she feels that she has been hung out to dry."

"She promised them that she would be more open before the season started," the insider illuminated.

Erika reportedly made this promise, the source explained, "because of criticism she’d faced about not sharing enough."

"Unfortunately, that promise came back to bite when she announced her divorce," the insider highlighted.

Erika Jayne Remarks on the Downfall of Her Ex

The source explained that she regretted that decision "because producers wanted her to address everything directly."

"When the other cast mates refused to probe any deeper on camera," the insider began.

The source continued: "Garcelle was encouraged to ask the difficult questions."

According to the insider, Erika is feeling "hurt" and betrayed by the production team.

It’s not just that she worries that they do not believe her, perhaps thinking her complicit or at least to have had prior knowledge of Tom’s alleged crimes.

But the editing of last week’s episode "made her look bad."

Has Erika considered leaving the show after this season? According to the insider, yes.

But ultimately, she cannot turn down this hefty paycheck from Bravo.

She’s had to downgrade her lifestyle, and if she remains a Housewife, the opportunities to promote her projects and brands are endless.

"Bravo isn’t going to fire her," the source predicted.

The insider explained that this is "because the legal case could easily span over two seasons."

The drama could be ongoing "and guarantee blockbuster ratings."

"She really feels like she’s in an impossible situation," the source pointed out.

"But," the insider continued, "has been advised by her camp not to call out the producers publicly."

This is "because she has to work with them for the foreseeable."

An Icy Look

Meanwhile, the source shared that Erika is "pissed" at her former castmate, Lisa Vanderpump.

Several months ago, Lisa made a definite dig at Erika on Watch What Happens Live.

Erika felt that the question was "set up to embarrass her," the insider shared, and that it was hypocritical for Lisa to do so.

Erika Jayne Shares Painful Advice

"Lisa then jabbed her again during a recent episode of podcast," the source pointed out.

"And," the insider continued, "it really pissed Erika off."

Erika is mad "because she feels that Bravo has done or will do little to address Lisa’s legal woes."

Lisa Vanderpump Feels Mistreated

"But — as far she sees it, encouraged her to address hers for ratings," the source stated.

"She really doesn’t like Lisa," the insider alleged.

"In her mind, she is in no position to talk about ethics and morals," the source explained.

Erika Jayne Fears for the Future

"And is annoyed that she is being criticized," the insider continued.

The source concluded that this is very frustrating "while Lisa’s alleged problems are swept under the rug."

One can imagine that Erika would feel that way and even understand why … assuming that this inside source has an accurate scoop.