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The Winder Family may or may not return for Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife.

If there even is a Season 4 of Seeking Sister Wife, we should note.

But while patriarch Colton, legal spouse Tami and long-time partner Sophie ponder their professional future, the trio was given a reason to celebrate something personal on Sunday…

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… Tami’s birthday!

"Today is this lovely lady’s birthday," wrote Colton on Facebook, continuing as follows:

"Tami and I have been through so much life together, in our 11 years of marriage. She has always been so strong and unfailingly supportive.

"She may be quiet, she may not speak a lot, and when she does, you should listen.

"I love you, Tami, and I’m so grateful for the life we’ve built together. I look forward to the years to come, and the future we’re building."

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Colton, Tami and Sophie were featured on the third season of the aforementioned polarizing TLC series.

While critics beg and plead for executives to cancel Seeking Sister Wife, mostly due to the heinous accusations against Dimitri Snowden, the Winders have made it pretty clear they’d return to the program — if the opportunity arises.

"I mean, if they…would like us to be back we’d love to come back, but if it doesn’t happen we’ll just keep doing what we’re doing," Colton said in a recent interview.

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In this same sit-down, Sophie — who is pregnant — touched on the possibility of adding yet another sister wife in to the mix.

"We are talking to someone, but we don’t know where it’s going to go. We are interested in meeting her," says Sophie, adding:

"In the bigger scheme of things is we believe that this lifestyle helps provide growth — in a sense of our our personal growth, not just the growth of our family.

"And so being around someone else and their personality we think adds to our growth and to our overall picture, and why we live this way. "

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Colton, for his controversial part, chimed in as follows:

"We actually have not officially searched for a sister wife since, probably, like halfway through the first season that we were on.

"Since then it’s pretty much just been people that reach out to us that we’ve talked with."

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Sophie, meanwhile, also had nothing but nice things to say about Tami a day ago.

"Happy birthday Tami! I am so grateful and blessed to have you as my sister wife," she wrote on Facebook.

"You are such a wonderful woman, and I love the relationship we have built with each other and with our children.

"I love you and I hope you have a wonderful day, and feel the love that surrounds you!"