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Last week, Amber Rose blasted her partner, accusing Alexander "AE" Edwards of prolific cheating with "twelve bums."

At the time, she hinted that they had broken up and expressed a lot of raw pain at the betrayal.

Now, after Edwards admitted to cheating Amber is still hurting.

She’s explaining why this cut so deep — and why she didn’t end things sooner than she did.

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Over the weekend, Amber Rose once again took to her Instagram Stories.

"Ur brain tells you to run when ur heart says stay," she began her message.

"Gaslighting, stonewealling, deflecting, projecting," Amber listed.

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"I wish it was easy to ‘fix him,’" Amber wrote.

There is an often misguided impulse to "fix" people, and relationships built on this goal never work out.

"But," Amber acknowledged, "that’s not for me to do."

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Only Edwards can "fix" himself.

"The pain cuts so deep," Amber expressed.

She pointed out that this is true "especially when children are involved."

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"I will always love him so much," Amber wrote with a regretful air.

"But," she added, "I know I can’t heal him."

Amber explained that, when it comes to healing, "only he can do that."

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"I knew I had to set myself free publicly," Amber wrote.

"Or," she feared, "I would’ve stayed forever."

Amber suggested that she would have stayed even while "never receiving the love I craved and begged for."

"Tough choice," Amber admitted.

The decision was a difficult one, she explained, "because it hurts so bad."

"But," Amber affirmed, "I choose me."

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"I didn’t wanna have to do this at all," Amber wrote.

"I just wanted my family," she expressed.

In all caps, Amber added: "MY HUSBAND."

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"There’s only so many times I can ask a man to be transparent, honest," Amber lamented.

"And love me wholeheartedly," she added.

People shouldn’t have to beg for respect or love. Not from their partners.

Amber Rose at 2018 VMAs

"I don’t know if I’ll get the happy ending I wanted," Amber admitted.

"But maybe," she concluded, "I’ll get the happy ending I deserve."

We certainly hope so.

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There are worse things that a person can do than cheat, but that is not an excuse or a mitigating factor.

Piling twelve (if not more) side pieces on top of emotional neglect … that makes it worse.

It is of course a good thing that Amber is able to express her pain. That helps her healing to begin.

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Interestingly, after Amber spoke out, some absolute clowns on social media accused her of hypocrisy.

It’s not that they accused her of being a cheater.

It’s that they somehow misunderstood her activism, including founding the Slut Walk, as some sort of carte blanche endorsement of … cheating?

The key to Amber’s activism is sex positivity. She wants to end the bitter stigma around human sexuality.

Like all sex positivity, a key — if not the key — concept is consent.

Amber wasn’t in an open relationship. She didn’t consent for Edwards to bone anyone else.

Amber promotes individual choice in sexual activity, but in a committed relationship, you are choosing to be faithful to your partner … or not.

To her credit, Amber did not go further than calling the side pieces "bums" for knowingly hooking up with a cheater.

She acknowledged that they knew and boned him anyway, but also that they didn’t know her or owe her anything. Very nuanced and wise of her.