Britney Spears Praises Sam Asghari: He's Helped Me Through the Hardest Years of My Life!

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This past year has seen Britney Spears go public with her fight against her dad's control.

Her conservatorship battle is not an easy one -- not in the courtroom, and not emotionally.

Fortunately, Britney has had one person by her side throughout it all.

Taking to Instagram, she is praising her comically handsome boyfriend, Sam Asghari.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in August 2021

Britney shared one of the couple's best photos in ages to Instagram this week.

Standing beside Sam, her face lit up with joy, she smiles for the photo.

But it was her caption that turned this double-threat thirst trap into a cute moment.

Britney Spears IG pic with Sam Asghari caption praising cooking, Fast and Furious

"Not only has this cute asshole been with me through the hardest years of my life," Britney's caption began.

"But," she praised, "he happens to be an extremely good cook!"

Britney concluded her caption: "Fast & Furious franchise, don’t miss out on your next star!!!!"

Sam Asghari IG reply F that asshole lol

"Yes," Sam commented, using laughing emojis to set the tone.

"F that asshole," he joked, of course referring to himself.

Please scream any horny jokes that you thought up into a paper bag, like the rest of us.

Sam Asghari as Photographed by Britney Spears

Sam (shown here, photographed by Britney herself) was the subject of intense scrutiny by Britney's own fans for a while.

For a long time, there was a lot of misinformation and confusion amidst the horrific conservatorship.

Some of the more fanatical #FreeBritney stans accused him of being some sort of agent working for Jamie, Britney's widely reviled father.

Britney and Sam on the Trail

But actually, that is not the truth.

In fact, Sam openly called out Jamie Spears as a "dick" earlier this year when asked.

He was echoing sentiments of Britney's sons, one of whom called their awful grandfather as much 

Britney and Sam on Vacation

Since then, most of Britney's supporters (those who had not already) have embraced Sam with open arms.

He is an actor, a model, and a fitness trainer ... which you can tell by looking at him in just about any photo.

We're sure that he would be a fine addition to the massively successful The Fast And The Furious franchise.

Sam Asghari

We cannot speak for his cooking, but we're inclined to believe Britney's praise.

It wasn't his cooking or his eligibility for action films that first drew the two of them together, however.

It was Britney's eyes latching onto a photo of Sam.

Sam Asghari Gives Britney Spears a Birthday Kiss

Yes, apparently he was encouraged by a friend to blindly audition for an unidentified music video.

Though reluctant to once again appear as a Hunky Dude in a music video so soon after "Work From Home," he agreed.

His photo was picked out of an array ... by none other than Britney Spears herself.

Sam Ashgari

The two filmed the "Slumber Party" music video together.

Sam then made a bold move, leaving his number behind and hoping that Britney would follow up.

She did, and the rest is thirstory. Sorry, history.

Sam Asghari and Britney Spears on a Boat

Britney feared speaking out for a long time, convinced that few would believe her and fearful of her father's reprisals.

This is a man who allegedly threatened to take away her children for many years in order to compel her to do what she wants.

We are glad that Britney is speaking out, and that she has such an excessively muscular source of support by her side.

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