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No matter what the world has to say, Scott Disick loves dating ultra-young models.

For whatever reason, some of these young women love dating the 38-year-old father of three right back.

When it comes to Amelia Hamlin, the relationship is looking more intense than ever before.

Check out the new bling that Amelia is flaunting. It has Scott’s name on it. Well, sort of.

Amelia Hamlin Looks Like Khloe Kardashian

Amelia Gray Hamlin is no stranger to posting stunning photos of herself.

It’s part of the job of being a gorgeous, in-demand, 20-year-old model.

But this selfie stands out, not because of the eye-popping view of her, but because of her accessories.

As you can see, we mean literal accessories, not just a euphemism for breasts or whatever.

Her necklace, shared to her Instagram Stories, spells out in diamond block letters "Lord."

It’s a nice piece of jewelry, and it’s also making a statement.

Photo via Instagram

On someone else, this might be some sort of religious jewelry.

Many different religions use "lord" to refer to one or more deities, and it’s a practice that may be as old as written language.

However, Amelia’s meaning is likely not at all spiritual in nature.

Amelia Celebrates Scott's Birthday

It was a reference to Scott Disick, her boyfriend.

She’s not calling him "lord" because she respects her elders.

He is nearly twice her age, but it wasn’t that.

Photo via Instagram

As most longtime fans of the Kardashian family (and affiliated stars) are aware, "Lord" is Scott Disick’s alter ego.

Amelia made a nod towards this, in case anyone missed the point.

She wrote "Let the lord be with me," in reference to Scott’s Instagram handle.

Scott Kisses Amelia

Sometimes, wearing another’s name on jewelry is a mark of ownership, such as in some BDSM relationships.

Also, you know, with pet collars.

But in many romantic relationships, wearing a reference — symbolic or verbal — to your significant other is a gesture of commitment.

Photo via Instagram

It seems clearer than ever that now, just a couple of months away from their one-year anniversary, they’re more serious than ever.

Scott and Amelia have vacationed together.

She has even bonded with his kids, apparently having a sweet nickname for his youngest, Reign.

Amelia Hamlin Turns 20

Scott has boned many, many teenage (but extremely young adult) models.

And those are just the 19-year-old hotties that we know about.

At first, when they were spotted together late last autumn, the world assumed that Amelia was merely his latest.

Photo via Instagram

However, it quickly became apparent that, as with Sofia Richie before her, Amelia was more than just another notch on Scott’s belt.

Some say that this is better than casually boning some model in Cannes and half-remembering it later. (Yes, we remember 2017)

But others worry that Amelia, though an adult and allowed to decide whom to date, is wasting some of her youth on a man twice her age.

Amelia Hamlin in a Mango Yoga Outfit

For the record, he’s no longer twice her age on paper.

Amelia turned twenty, so while 19 plus 19 is 38, 20 plus 20 is 40.

The self-styled lord has been saved by a technicality of birthdays. Hooray.

Photo via Instagram

In all seriousness, Scott can be a creepy older guy without being a predator. Nuance exists.

And no matter how uncomfortable people may be with his choice in girlfriends, Amelia can date whomever she likes.

She seems to be having a good time. There must be something that the rest of us are missing, right?