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Amelia Gray Hamlin isn’t just the daughter of Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna.

She is also more than just Scott Disick’s latest ultra-young girlfriend.

Amelia also a dazzlingly hot model who doesn’t actually need famous associations to make jaws drop.

Her latest gifts to her followers are photos sizzling enough to melt brains into puddles of thirsty goo.

Photo via Instagram

Amelia shared two sets of images designed to stop hearts and restart them all over.

One shows the stunning 20-year-old model in a black criss-cross top.

In these three pics, she’s snapping vertical selfies in front of a boldly blue sky.

Photo via Instagram

In the others, Amelia is posing in black lingerie.

Whether inside or outside of a car, she’s quipping about being "your Uber driver" in the captions.

She’d better drive followers to a doctor to get checked out for those sudden dizzy spells, right?

Photo via Instagram

There’s a stark contrast between the two different image sets that Amelia shared.

We’re not talking about background colors or the ways that they both show off her phenomenal body.

Instead, we’re referring to the angle and point of view of the images.

Photo via Instagram

The "car pics" set of Amelia lounging in lingerie are more like traditional modeling shoots.

She is photographed by someone else, and is posing, often with her gaze pointed at an imaginary focal point that we do not see.

In contrast, the criss-cross top photos are vertical selfies, seemingly taken from a mirror that is on or near the ground.

Photo via Instagram

There is a lot to be said about how the male gaze contrasts with selfies.

Selfies were controversial about a decade ago, enraging some people to an absurd degree.

What they described as "Millennial vanity" was more accurately described as, well, women controlling their own images.

Photo via Instagram

Amelia is Gen Z, not a Millennial, and society is hopefully well past the "oh no, a selfie!" phase of foolishness.

Clearly, Amelia looks drop-dead gorgeous in every single photo, no matter who the photographer is.

It would take a lot of gall to complain about her hotness level, right?

Photo via Instagram

Of course, her much-much-much older boyfriend, Scott Disick, has been slammed recently for dating her.

Scott is a 38-year-old man and has three children. His eldest, Mason, is a tween.

Even ignoring Scott’s obvious pattern of pursuing 19-year-old models, all of this is just super weird.

Amelia Hamlin In Florida

However, some might turn around and say that any of Scott’s critics who also ogle Amelia’s photos are total hypocrites.

(So that would be any critics with eyes, right?)

Is it contradictory to shame a man for dating a girl half his age but then drool after her modeling photos?

Photo via Instagram

It’s really not.

Because the issue with Scott isn’t that he thinks (well, knows) that Amelia’s hot.

In fact, if they’d met up and boned a few times, most reasonable people would go "well, they’re adults, good for them I guess."

Amelia Hamlin in a Bikini

By consistently dating these extremely young models, Scott is doing more than thirsting or even boning.

There’s a difference between forming a relationship and hooking up.

One has to wonder what they really have in common … and why Scott can’t seem to find an age-appropriate girlfriend since Kourtney.

Photo via Instagram

Critics have concluded that Scott and other men like him aren’t just lusting after youth, but relationship inexperience.

Immature older men know that more age-appropriate women might have too much life experience to put up with their BS.

But a girlfriend who’s not even old enough to legally drink might put up with an immature manchild’s nonsense a lot longer than she should.