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This spring, it looked like Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and Christian Biscardi were over.

Curiously, Sammi didn’t seem interested in confirming the news just yet, even being accused of hiding the breakup from fans.

Now, it looks like she’s ready to talk.

Without saying much, Sammi has officially confirmed that she’s single — and very happy about it.

Christian Biscardi
Photo via Instagram

Sammi let speculation and curious fan questions marinate for weeks.

The world pretty much knew that she was single, but that’s not the same as it being confirmed.

Then, she took to TikTok, of all places, to share the news.

Sammi and Christian
Photo via Instagram

On Monday, July 26, Sammi participated in the Magic Bomb TikTok trend,

The idea is that she just puts words on the screen to answer questions while using her hands to "dance."

All the while, "The Magic Bomb (Extended Mix)" by Hoang Read plays.

Sammi Giancola and Christian Biscardi
Photo via Sammi Giancola, Instagram

The first question up on the screen was whether she will return to Jersey Shore.

Sammi is shown smiling, as you can see in the accompanying video clip.

"No" then appears on the screen.

Biscardi and Giancola

The next question asked of Sammi is whether she is single.

"Yes," the text reads.

When asked if she is happy, Sammi’s response reads "YESSS!"

Sammi Giancola Wedding Selfie
Photo via Instagram

So she’s single, happy, and has no plans to dive back into Jersey Shore chaos.

Honestly, that is a wonderful combo.

The happiness, of course, is the most important — without it, the other two answers could be total bummers.

Sammi Giancola Kisses Christian Biscardi on the Jersey Shore
Photo via Instagram

We reported that there were some odd happenings as far back as May of this year.

In early June, Sammi was spotted without her engagement ring.

The most damning evidence of a split, however, was on social media.

Photo via Instagram

First, Sammi and Christian had either unfollowed each other, or one had unfollowed and blocked the other.

Christian deleted all of their old photos from his Instagram, the ones before their 2019 engagement.

And Sammi purged all of her pics that featured Christian from her own Instagram. Ouch.

Sammi Sweetheart Engagement Pic
Photo via Instagram

Obviously, there is still so much that we do not know about how this relationship came to an end or why.

Sammi opted out of a Jersey Shore return, citing that it would be a "toxic" environment for her.

One imagines that cameras documenting her every move could have shed some light on what made things fall apart.

Photo via Instagram

Of course, reality television causes many relationship problems.

It could have hastened the end of everything, which has to have been one of her fears at the time.

But relationships don’t always need outside help to collapse. Sometimes, it’s just over.

Sammi Sweetheart, Fiance
Photo via Instagram

Perhaps Sammi will feel like sharing more in the near future, either on TikTok or elsewhere.

For now, it’s mostly enough to hear that she is doing so well and is happy.

Breaking up, even ending a serious five-year relationship, doesn’t have to leave you miserable until your next partner.

Jersey Shore Cast 2020
Photo via MTV

Sammi may have considered a return to the franchise, even if only as a vehicle to air her dirty laundry.

But it’s probably better for her mental and emotional well being to opt out.

Breakups aren’t a good time to make impulsive life choices. Good for Sammi for finding her happiness.