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After this weekend’s alarming events, Prince William asked British soccer fans to be less racist.

Any condemnation of vicious bigotry is to be welcomed.

However, the Duke of Cambridge’s words rang hollow to many on social media.

Where was this anti-racist energy when his sister-in-law was being attacked?

Meghan Markle and Prince William
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Many people, particularly those of us in the United States, were only vaguely aware that there was to be some sort of soccer game last weekend.

On Sunday, something called the "2020 Euro Championship Game" took place — halfway through 2021.

In addition to widespread property destruction and a horrifying uptick in domestic violence statistics, there was an explosion of vicious racism.

The so-called "fans" of the British team that faced off but ultimately lost against Italy said vicious, bigoted things to and about their own players.

And by "said," we of course mean shouted.

The racial abuse took place on social media and in crowds, in both cases loud and horrific.

Alongside many others, including the UK’s nightmarish Prime Minister, Prince Williams condemned the racism. 

"It is totally unacceptable that players have to endure this abhorrent behaviour," the Duke of Cambridge affirmed.

He asked that all responsible be held accountable.

However, those on social media were quick to note that William was less publicly outspoken on this topic in the past.

"Where was this energy when your brother and sister-in-law spoke about it?" demanded one Twitter user.

"Now one for your sister-in-law. We’ll wait…" another Twitter reply read.

The tweets are all, of course, in reference to the vicious harassment campaign against Meghan Markle.

"He is only fed up of racism in football," accused another.

The tweet continued: "But not in his palace where his sister in law was facing it…??"

"You have the ability to condemn racism – not just in soccer," wrote another.

That tweet continued: "But when it’s directed at your own family members."

The Twitter user asked: "Please use that power. It would speak volumes."

"Good. Now do that for Meghan Markle," invited another.

When some sort of nightmare-clown replied with the accusation that condemning racism is "coddling," that same user hit back.

"No it’s his job to be a decent human being, you daft cow," the tweet replied.

"Both William and Catherine stood by and said nothing to assist Meghan Markle The Duchess of Sussex against the brutality of the English Press," the user wrote.

"Imagine Meghan’s child who was called a chimpanzee by public figures when he was not even a day old," another remarked.

"But," the Twitter user added, "not a word from your lovely palace."

"That same statement should have been released years ago while the tabloids incessantly attacked the mother of your nephew and niece," another wrote.

"And when they posted memes with your nephew as a monkey," the Twitter user added.

That tweet added: "A statement not only from you, but from the Royal Family as well."

"Diana would not have tolerated that," the Twitter user affirmed.

That tweet concluded: "You should have learned with what happened to her."

Harsh words — but are they necessarily unfair?

Prince William at Wimbledon

During Duchess Meghan’s stay with the royal family, the palace did publicly condemn the racist attacks against Meghan.

But clearly, the condemantion was not strong enough, as so many of Meghan’s detractors were able to believe that they were "defending" the white royals.

And given the racism directed within the palace at Meghan and Archie, this was more than just Piers Morgan and The Daily Mail being their usual selves.