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Following this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, Katie Thurston is down to three suitors.

Also following this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, viewers are pretty certain they’re down to two.

Which is to say:

Two suitors from Thurston’s season appear most likely to be named the next Bachelor.

Michael Allio Picture

The first would be Andrew Spencer, who is more or less campaigning for the gig.

In the time since his elimination, Spencer has gushed over his experience… expressed gratitude to Thurston for his journey… and simply opened up like someone yearning to anchor his own season.

Spencer has also apologized for some offensive Tweets.

The second apparent option, meanwhile, would be Michael Allio.

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A single father, Allio actually left The Bachelorette of his own accord on this past Monday night’s episode after an emotional phone call with his son.

“I’m not leaving because of us. I’m leaving because my son needs his dad,” Allio told Katie on air, prompting tears from Thurston in response.

And also from many viewers, who fell hard for Michael during his run on the show.

The 36-year old lost his wife, Laura, to cancer and is now raising his four-year old on his own.

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Does Michael Allio have any interest in becoming The Bachelor in 2022?

"I literally just got my heart broken on TV, so I am trying to mend those wings," he told People Magazine this week.

"And I have to think about what it would be like to get engaged in and introduce someone to my son in such a quick timeframe.

"I’m not sold on the idea!"

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ABC executives might be anxious to change his mind, however.

Not to be crass, but just consider the ratings it would bring in to feature a widower as The Bachelor.

We’re sure producers could figure out a way for Michael to live with his son any time he isn’t spending time with his many aspiring wives on the show.

For a series that continues to face criticism for the way it’s handled the topic of race and diversity, no, Michael would not help in this regard.

However, he would be a sympathetic figure that fans would take to immediately.

"When your child says that, you answer the call," Allio also told People of the chat with James that led to his decision to depart.

"And I think a lot of single parents probably have to deal with the fact that when they’re pursuing their own happiness, it does take a little bit from the time they’re spending with their child.

"It’s a constant balancing act that’s happening. But I would do it all over again and make the same decisions."

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There is, of course, one more possibility here.

The Bachelorette named Katie Thurston AND Michelle Young as its next two leads in March.

Why shouldn’t The Bachelor also double down in 2022 with Spencer AND Allio?