Lisa Rinna Snaps Eye-Popping Birthday Selfie: I'm 58 and Still a Mega-MILF!

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Lisa Rinna knows that age is an important topic in many ways.

She also knows that it doesn't have to be any kind of barrier to being hot.

Lisa celebrated her birthday over the weekend, snapping an eye-popping selfie early this week.

Turning 58 has not reduced this Real Housewife's MILF status in the slightest.

Lisa Rinna 58th Birthday Selfie

"This is 58," Lisa Rinna captured an eye-popping birthday selfie.

On Sunday, July 11, the actress and Real Housewife celebrated her birthday.

Born on 1963, Lisa has never failed to drive home the point that no calendar can stop her from being hot.

Lisa Rinna in a Barely There String Bikini

Before we get to Amelia's birthday shoutout to her mom, let's just focus on the mom.

Because Lisa is a celebrity mega-MILF who shows no signs of quitting.

She could have just been a "beautiful actress" who chose to "age gracefully" as she tackles her reality career.

Lisa Rinna Instagram

Instead, Lisa is turning heads in her own right even though she is nearly sixty years old.

We all know that people age more slowly than previous generations (seriously, go rewatch something from the '80s).

But Lisa takes that to new extremes, with a hotter body than most people have ever had even in their prime.

Lisa Rinna at the Lake

Lisa is also an accomplished actress who has appeared on some legendary pieces of media.

She also uses her phenomenal capacity for drama to advance her career as a Real Housewife.

Seriously -- even her critics are quick to admit that she is a magnet for drama.

Lisa Rinna Frustrated by Daughter's Relationship

Of course, Lisa Rinna has other, more personal qualities that earn her praise.

The rest of us can stare at her jaw-dropping thirst traps and be entertained by her on-screen nonsense.

But to Amelia Gray Hamlin, her 20-year-old daughter, she's mom. And she gave her mom a birthday shoutout.

Amelia Hamlin Birthday Throwback for Lisa Rinna

"Happy birthday mommy!" Amelia's caption began alongside throwback photos.

"I’m so grateful to have such a kind, loving, fierce, and selfless woman as my mother," she raved.

Amelia admitted: "I wouldn’t be me without you."

Amelia Hamlin Just Voted for the First Time

"You’ve taught me everything i know about anything," Amelia praised her mom.

"You are our rock," she wrote, calling Lisa "my twin flame."

Amelia also teased that Lisa is "the weirdest mom ever, but the absolute best mom ever."

Amelia Hamlin in a Bikini

"Each day I become more and more grateful for you," Amelia expressed.

"i’m so lucky," she freely admitted.

Amelia told her mother: "i hope one day i can be half as good as you are."

Amelia Hamlin Is Almost Naked

"HAPPY F--KING BIRTHDAY!!!!" Amelia proclaimed in conclusion.

That was such a sweet tribute.

As you can see from all of these photos, Amelia got a lot of blessings from being Lisa's daughter.

Lisa Rinna Sunglasses Photo

Amelia makes her living as a model, and she is very successful at it.

We don't just mean at the turning heads part.

According to Lisa, Amelia is raking in more money from being outrageously hot on camera than anyone else in the family.

Amelia Gray Hamlin Photo

Amelia might have been a model no matter what, given her outrageous good looks.

However, having Lisa as a mom certainly gave her more than just genetic stepping stones.

DNA is only part of the equation, and it's not all about connections and fame either. Not quite.

Lisa Rinna Bikini Body

Lisa is hot, and clearly illustrated to Amelia how much success that can bring.

Though she has sometimes been blamed by fans for Amelia's eating disorder, disordered eating is a complicated topic.

It seems clear that Lisa set up Amelia for success. And for hotness. Years and years of hotness.

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