Kailyn Lowry to Briana DeJesus: Learn to Take Care of Your Freakin' Kids!

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If you've been watching the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, then you know that the show has been a bit lacking in the drama department.

Storylines about Kailyn Lowry picking out the right tile for her bathroom are nice and all -- but they're not what made this series a success.

Amid plummeting ratings, several Teen Mom 2 producers have been fired in a last-ditch effort to save the show.

So you can imagine how annoyed those producers are by the fact that Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus waited until after the season finale to crank their feud up to 11.

Bri, Kail

As you've likely heard by now, Lowry is suing DeJesus in response to Bri's claim that Kail beat Chris Lopez during a domestic dispute.

In legal papers filed earlier this week, Kail accuses Bri of "asserting that Lowry physically beat Christopher Lopez, the father of two of Lowry's sons, and broke into and entered the home of Mr. Lopez's mother."

It's a serious allegation by Bri, and filing a lawsuit is a very consequential move by Kail.

Kailyn and Creed

If the judge finds in Lowry's favor, you can bet that the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise will start being much, much more cautious in their public comments about each other.

And since the main complaint about Teen Mom 2 is that it's already too boring, this move could be the nail in the show's coffin.

Anyway, you might think that after filing a defamation of character suit, Kail would refrain from talking smack about Briana for a few days.

Kail, Bri Meme

But apparently she just can't stop herself.

Following Tuesday's episode of Teen Mom 2, in which Bri's daughter Nova cried becase she didn't want to visit her father Luis, Kail posted a meme (above) about the importance of understanding a toddler's emotions.

Needless to say, many fans interpreted the post as a shot directed toward DeJesus.

Briana on Phone

Kail also posted a link that offers tips for what parents can do "instead of ignoring your child when he's whining."

"Y'all need to start learning how to understand your toddler's feelings and stop punishing them when they don't know how to communicate your feelings," read one piece of advice.

"This is your child throwing a tantrum. He's going 75 mph, and you try to stop it. You are going to keep feeling your child's resistance until you get on his side."

Kailyn Lowry Stares and Stares

Obviously, Kail didn't mention Bri by name, but we're sure DeJesus caught the hint following one of her most emotional scenes of the season.

After the show aired, Briana took to Instagram Live, where she cried and confessed that she “can't stop apologizing” 

"I just feel so bad for Stella right now,” she told her audience.

Briana DeJesus in 2021

“My glasses are fogging up from crying ugh I need a tissue," Bri added.

“It hurts, it does. Good mama’s learn from their mistakes and apologizing and I’ve been apologizing to Stella for the past 30 minutes," she concluded.

So yeah, when Kail posted memes and advice about the importance of being more empathetic to toddlers, it was pretty clear whom she was talking about.

Just when we thought this feud couldn't get any uglier ...

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