Teen Mom 2 FIRES Lead Producer Amid Sinking Ratings, Fan Complaints

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Teen Mom 2 is about to undergo a massive shake-up behind the scenes.

But will it be enough to save the long-time program from cancelation?

According to our good friends at The Ashley's Reality Roundup, multiple producers have been let go by MTV over the past few days, as executives scramble to fix the dwindling popularity of the former ratings giant.


“The production company recently got in a lot of trouble because the ratings of the show are so bad,” an insider told The Ashley late last week.

Low viewership has plagued Teen Mom 2 all season long.

To wit:

On July 1, only 400,000 people tuned in for an episode, fewer than half the number that anxiously watched Kailyn Lowry and company just two years ago on a weekly basis.

Kailyn Lowry and Maci Bookout Group Photo

What has prompted such a decline?

One could point to the departure of Chelsea Houska, an original cast member who departed the series after a decade on the air last year.

The 29-year-old was replaced by Young and Pregnant alum Ashley Jones, who shares three-year-old daughter Holly with fiance Bar Smith... and who hasn't exactly moved the radar very much as far as fans as concerned.

In other words, Jones is boring.

Kail Lowry on Teen Mom 2

Another issue, based on The Ashley's reporting, is the way storylines have been playing out of late on screen.

“The network feels that the producers have allowed the girls to call the shots on what they want to film and what they don’t, and the result is an incredibly boring and inauthentic show," a source explained to this website.

"Fans watch all the drama go down on social media, but most of the real stuff never makes it on the show.”

There's been a very clear recent case in point, tooo.

Briana on Phone

Last fall, Lowry was arrested for allegedly punching baby daddy Chris Lopez multiple times because Lopez gave their oldest son a haircut without Kailyn's permission.

The fallout from this incident was filmed by MTV cameras -- but then got cut just a couple weeks ago when it came time for the footage to finally air.

Briana DeJesus then went on a rant against Lowry, believing she convinced producers to edit it all out because the arrest would make her look bad.

"At the end of the day, she shouldn't try to cover up the real her or things that are going on in her real life," Briana told Celebuzz in June.

"It comes off as exceptionally inauthentic and an insult to her other cast members."

Kailyn Lowry on TikTok

Elsewhere on Instagram, DeJesus accused Kailyn of breaking into Lopez's mother's house and of then getting physical with her two-time baby daddy.

In response, Lowry just filed a defamation lawsuit against Briana.

The legal complaint asserts that DeJesus' remarks are "untrue" and that she made them "for the purpose of causing Lowry harm."

Kailyn Lowry TikTok Photo

In a statement on Friday, a spokesperson for Lowry said:

"Kail is disheartened by the recent untrue statements made by her fellow castmate, Briana Dejesus, concerning Kail's absence from a recent episode and involvement in crimes that she never committed.

"Kail takes these statements very seriously.

"After necessary self-reflection, Kail has decided to handle this situation with Ms. Dejesus by exercising her legal right to protect herself and her brand in Court."

Briana DeJesus in 2021

A cynic, of course, might question the timing of producers getting fired AND Lowry filing this lawsuit, positing that the latter was a maneuver pushed by MTV in order to increase interest in the show.

“The producers have been told that they are failing to get the full story from the girls, and not pushing to capture what is actually going on in the lives of the girls,” the Ashley writes.

“They feel like the producers have allowed the girls to walk all over them. If the girls don’t want something covered on the show, the producers don’t press them to film it.

"The network wants the girls to put their life events on the show, not just the things that make them look good.”

tm producer

DeJesus, meanwhile, has seen this article.

As you can see above, she says at least one of the fired producers was close to Lowry and was responsible for cutting her arrest from the air.

Kailyn, for her part, has not yet commented on this development.

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