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Leah Messer has been through a whole lot in her young life.

As Leah’s memoir recently reminded fans, she’s survived addiction, two divorces, some brutal custody hearings, and of course, the pressures of fame.

Yes, Ms. Messer’s life has sounded a lot like a country song at times, but it seems she’s finally internalizing the lessons she’s learned from all that drama.

And now, she’s ready to help others live their best lives, as well:

Leah Inspires

According to a new report from UK tabloid The Sun, Leah is planning to launch an "empowerment brand" for women sometime in the very near future.

Back in January, Messer mysteriously filed to trademark the phrase “Go Higher With Purpose.”

We assumed she would just slap the sentence on a few hundred t-shirts and launch a short-lived "fashion line" like so many of her Teen Mom contemporaries.

Leah Messer Suffers a Scare

How wrong we were.

It seems that Leah is attempting to go full-Oprah and rebrand herself as some sort of lifestyle guru.

In her trademark application, Leah says that her new venture will offer a wide variety of services, including:

“Personal coaching services in the field of healthy living and health education, women’s interest topics, empowerment, lifestyle, wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency.”

Leah Masker

The application adds that Leah will provide her clients with education courses through "online, non-downloadable video and audio recordings and instructor assistance.”

In addition to empowerment strategies, Leah’s proteges will learn "self-sufficiency, self-reliance, preparedness, sustainability and survival training.”

As if that’s not enough, Leah is currently studying for her real estate license, and she plans to offer “real estate brokerage services” to her clients.

Leah Messer in 2021

Yes, really.

So Leah is willing to help you buy a house, get healthy, start a business, and build a bomb shelter in your backyard.

But will fans be willing to pay for any of this?

Leah Messer with Daughters

We have no interest in tearing Leah down, and she deserves the utmost praise for how far she’s come.

However, most of this progress is fairly recent, and it seems to us that Messer should spend a bit more time looking after her own affairs before she branches out and starts lending a helping hand to others.

Right now, Leah is a 29-year-old who’s never had a real job, and who just lost custody of her kids a few years ago.

Leah Messer with a Mug

Again, we appluad her for leaving the worst of her troubles in the past, but is she really in a position to instruct other women on how to live their lives?

We don’t think Tony Robbins or Gary Vee or whoever start their seminars by promising to totally get a legit office job somewhere once they earn their degree.

But hey, maybe Leah is outsourcing all the instructional aspects of her business to people who are a bit more qualified.

Leah Teen Mom 2

Here’s hoping we’re totally wrong, and Leah has a perfectly sound business plan in place, and her latest venture will be a resounding success.

It’ll take a lot of luck for all of that to happen, of course.

But hey — after all the bad luck she’s been through, Leah is about due for some good.