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As Jenelle Evans gets more and more desperate in her efforts to extend her 15 minutes of fame, she’s started going to extreme lengths in order to stir up controversy.

You see, controversy is the only reason that Jenelle remained "famous" for as long as she did.

(A legend in her own mind, the former Teen Mom 2 cast member was never anything more than a basic cable reality star with a decent-sized social media following.)

Having exhausted all of her other strategies for cashing in on what’s left of her fame, Jenelle has finally decided to try her hand at an art form that’s allowed many a has-been to pull in just enough income to keep the Ramen flavor packets flowing.

Photo via Instagram

Yes, Jenelle has launched a podcast.

The creatively-titled "Jenelle Evans Podcast" launched earlier this week, and it’s not off to an auspicious start.

The first episode is only 11 minutes long, and even with Jenelle spamming her show’s page with five-star reviews, it’s still rocking a meager 3.2 star rating.

Jenelle Evans Drinks a White Claw

Critics of the pod have bashed Jenelle for everything from her monotone delivery to the narcisstic nature of her content.

And now, they’ve even gone so far as to roast her for the fashion choices she’s making as host.

Jenelle posted some pics from her first day behind the mic, and her hoodie-Carhartt beanie combo attracted quite a bit of attention.

Jenelle Has a Podcast

For starters, it’s July and Jenelle is in North Carolina, so it’s probably not hoodie and beanie weather.

On top of that, there’s another much-more-beloved Teen Mom 2 star who’s been rocking that exact outfit for so long that it’s become her signature look.

We’re talking, of course, about the most popular Teen Mom of them all, Chelsea Housksa.

Photo via Instagram

Yes, as many have pointed out, Chelsea basically has the happy, healthy version of Jenelle’s life, so it makes sense that Evans would bit her style/

“She so badly wants to be Chelsea,” one commenter wrote, according to The Sun.

“I see it. I thought the same thing," another added.

Chelsea Houska on Insta

“Jenelle has always been obsessed with chelsea,” a third chimed in.

A fourth follower really went for the low blow, saying:

“She may be aiming for Chelsea but she is unfortunately landing around Jay from Clerks."

Jenelle Evans, Way Up Close

If only David Eason would assume the role of Silent Bob!

The funniest part of all of this is that Jenelle has made fun of Chelsea’s style in the past, stating that she dresses like a farmer.

It’s certainly true that Chelsea lives a rural existence on a large homestead … but Jenelle pretends that she and David are farmers too, so what the hell is she talking about?!

Jenelle Evans YouTube Photo

The first episode of Jenelle’s podcast was some very thin gruel, with the host offering up a bunch of information about her father that most fans probably already knew.

As for the style biting — well, everyone copies a look from someone they admire from time to time.

But Jenelle probably should have known better than to steal her swag from someone she’s been so harshly critical of in the past.