Dimitri Snowden Quits Social Media: Is He Finally Going Away?!?

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Dimitri Snowden seems like a truly horrible and violent human being with no respect for women and no regard for anyone but himself.

That statement isn't especially relevant to this story.

But we're reporting on the Seeking Sister Wife star here and it just felt important to say right up front, you know?

Dimitri Snowden on the Sofa

Over the past several weeks, Snowden has been accused of assault and abuse, both of the mental and physical variety.

He's been hit with a restraining order amid allegations of rape and he's filed for divorce from wife Christeline Peterson.

And yet... until very recently... Dimitri continued to live with Ashley Snowden, his partner of well over a decade and his spiritual spouse, a woman also accused of some very odd and manipulative behavior.

Last week, however, Ashley confirmed that she is single.

Ashley Snowden and Dimitri Snowden Together

She did so in the most self-serving way possible, too.

"My truth, because misinformation is harmful: I’m single and grateful for life," wrote the reality star to open a very lengthy caption that included tips on how to make the world a "kinder place."

Cyber bullying is harmful, Ashley wrote.

It also lets me know that you, too, may be hurting, and I have compassion for that even if it’s not reciprocal. We are all human, trying to figure life out. I’m no different.

I condemn the slander against me as malicious, and I don’t support the slandering of others, ever.

Dimitri Snowden and Ashley

This is a crock of enormous bull$hit, of course, as numerous women who lived with Ashley and Dimitri in the past have said detailed how horribly they were treated.

Ariadne Joseph, for example, never accused Ashley of any physical abuse, but made it very clear in an interview with blogger John Yates that Ashley was an accomplice to Dimitri.

"She is an abuser, too," Joseph said this summer of Ashley.

"She’s a manipulator. And as I’ve said, they’re never as happy as they are when they’re terrorizing someone."

Ashley and Dimtri Snowden Picture

In response to apparently getting dumped by Ashley, Dimitri has deleted all references to her on social media.

Heck, he's deleted his entire social media feed in general.

What might this mean?

Could he finally have been fired from TLC and will at last disappear from our lives forever?

snowden gone

Peterson, remember, has said Snowden shoved her and pushed her and used to choke her during sex.

"The more I struggled the more he enjoyed it," Peterson told the authorities back in February of her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Joseph has said he sexually assaulted her and once smacked her down on a table full of guns.

She claimed to have gone to TLC executives with these allegations, yet they ignored her complaints and kept handing Dimitri a paycheck.

Dimitri Snowden Snapshot

Based on this social media move, however, and based on rumors that Snowden is homeless... perhaps producers have finally come to their senses.

Perhaps Dimitri Snowden is finally out fo a job.

Now we just need to get him behind bars and justice will at least be served to some degree.

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