Crystal Kung Minkoff Exposes VILE Racist Slurs in Her DMs

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On screen, the latest RHOBH drama has centered upon Erika Jayne's current nightmare.

Off screen, for weeks, Crystal Kung Minkoff has been the target of waves of vicious racist trolls.

While some imagine that they're not racist and just coincidentally dislike her, others have taken to calling her vicious slurs.

Crystal isn't taking it anymore, and called out a horrific DM that she received that told her to end her own life.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Discusses Red Flags

"I’m sure you get these kinds of messages all the time," the unspeakable message to Crystal began.

"And granted, I don’t know you," the message continued.

The message continued: "(nor do I ever want to in any lifetime based on how you represent yourself on national television)."

Crystal Kung Minkoff Speaks to Her Castmates

“You’re the epitome of a moronic c---k c--t," the vicious racist message spewed.

Yes, that first word that we censored was exactly the racial slur that you think that it was.

"PLEASE do the world a favor and kill yourself," the hateful DM read.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Takes a Seat at the Table

“You stupid, worthless nasty ass Asian sn--ch napkin," the troll wrote.

"I feel sorry for your children…" the racist claimed.

“They have to wake up [every day] knowing that their mother is a spineless, worthless piece of Asian s--t," the vile message concluded.

Crystal Kung Minkoff IG shares hateful anti-Asian DM

"My children are doing just fine," Crystal wrote in a public caption.

Her words were accompanied by a full, unredacted screenshot of what someone had sent to her.

"In fact, they are learning to speak out and stand up against racism," Crystal added.

Garcelle Beauvais Looks to Crystal Kung Minkoff

"And they will certainly become allies for all races," Crystal emphasized.

Though there has been a massive recent spike in anti-Asian hate, racism can be experienced by any and all people of color.

Crystal explained "because God knows we need them more than ever based on your Facebook message."

Crystal Kung Minkoff IG responds to hateful anti-Asian DM

She also added an edit following her message.

"I want to say thank you to everyone who has DM’d me," Crystal expressed.

"It’s been hundreds," she acknowledged. "And I read them all."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Card

"Your support lifts me up," Crystal praised.

"And," she added, it "reminds me to keep the conversation going."

"We will not be silenced," Crystal concluded, adding the very important hashtag: "#StopAsianHate."

Crystal Kung Minkoff IG replies by Dr. Tiffany Moon and Garcelle Beauvais

Dr. Tiffany Moon commented on Crystal's post.

"Do not let the darkness of others dim your light. Shine bright my love," the The Real Housewives of Dallas star wrote.

"That's horrible," Crystal's castmate Garcelle Beauvais accurately observed of the racist DM.

Crystal Kung Minkoff IG reply by Eboni K Williams

"You are so loved Sis," Eboni K. Williams of The Real Housewives of New York City affirmed.

"These deranged bigots are just mad AF that their days of dominance are coming to an end… ⁣" she observed.

Eboni, of course, is sadly no stranger to racism, both at large and from Real Housewives "fans" who resent the topic.

Eboni K. Williams and Crystal Kung Minkoff

The RHONY star shared a supportive post on her own Instagram with a similar message.

"I adore you. More than you know," Crystal replied to Eboni.

"Thank you for being a true ally with your love and friendship. Love and light," she affirmed.

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