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A catastrophic people in Britney Spears’ life took advantage of her, effectively ruining much of her life.

An even larger number of people, courts, and legal systems straight-up failed Britney when she needed them most.

Some of those pertitious entities are in total denial.

But her former manager Sam Lutfi is acknowledging that he failed Britney … and understands if she hates him.

Sam Lutfi on Twitter in 2021

Following Britney Spears’ historic conservatorship testimony last month, many changes took place.

She is still under a conservatorship, and likely has a long road ahead of her in this fight.

But many who had previously been linked to her and her career want nothing to do with her gilded cage.

Among others, Britney’s longtime manager Sam Lutfi resigned after 14 years on the job.

He said that he had not been in contact with her for a couple of years.

Given her apparent disinterest in performing and the greater context of her conservatorship, Sam wanted out.

Britney Spears in Japan

Last week, Sam took to Twitter to express his current feelings about Britney’s 13-year conservatorship.

“Just sitting here listening to that court recording,” he tweeted.

Sam added: “if she hates me after she’s free I won’t blame her…”

Britney Spears Works Out

“I failed her,” Sam admitted.

“I was supposed to protect her from all this,” he added.

Sam then confessed: “I let her down.”

“And we both paid dearly for it,” Sam added curiously.

“Head in hands..” he expressed.

Sam concluded his tweet: “I’m so sorry.”

As we mentioned, Sam Lufti became Britney’s manager in 2007 — months before her conservatorship was put into place.

In fact, Jamie and Lynne directed all of the blame at Sam after Britney’s 2008 mental health struggle.

The two took out a restraining order against Sam that year, which resulted in a protracted legal battle.

Britney Spears in Her Favorite Dress

Sam began suing Britney’s parents in 2009.

That was not resolved until 2016, when the case was settled privately.

However, that same restraining order was renewed in 2019, extended for another five years.

Britney Spears Looking Hot in Japan

For many years, Britney’s staunches supporters and most diehard fans have harbored suspicion and dislike towards Sam.

His name comes up almost as often as Jamie Lynn’s in #FreeBritney conversations.

And it’s not just fans who feel this way.

Britney Spears Is Supreme

Remember, Britney spoke about hoping for not just her personal freedom, but potential legal consequences for those who sabotaged her life.

She referred to her management during her testimony at the hearing.

At that time, Britney noted how her management was involved in pressuring and “punishing” her under her conservatorship.

Britney Spears Attends 2016 MTV VMAs

Some fans think that Sam is a flawed man who made mistakes but ultimately is not as culpable as her widely reviled father.

Given Sam’s precarious relationship with the Spears family, it’s hard to see him conspiring with anyone.

Additionally, his (extremely recent) vocal public support for Britney has some paying attention.

Britney Spears is a Boss

On the other hand, this feels like too little and too late to many on social media.

It even appears that Sam is a rat fleeing a sinking ship — removing himself from Britney’s orbit only now that she’s speaking out.

Now that Britney can finally hire her own attorney, the odds of the conservatorship ending seem higher than ever before.