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This truly is a season of Big Brother like no other.

The first two weeks featured the departure of the people you’d expect to make it to the second half of the game, but this unpredictable season continued to gather steam on Thursday’s new episode.

Straightforward weeks typically get stale quickly, especially when there’s no drama surrounding the veto or the replacement nominee.

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Brent has proven to be out of touch with reality, thinking he had the numbers to keep himself in the game.

He was going around the house telling people the vote to evict Britini would be "the biggest blindside of all time."

It was pretty embarrassing and highlighted that he was oblivious to the plan to evict him. Brent told Kyland and Derek X that the plan was to blindside Kyland next week.

Little did Brent know his two supposed allies had a much stronger alliance with Xavier.

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The good news is that the other houseguests started lining up their targets for the next week.

Everyone outside the Kings wanted to target them because they would be the only group with four houseguests.

Christian and Alyssa worried they would be seen as a duo and that they would be put on the block.

The issue plaguing all of them was that nobody wanted to win the HOH, leading to Hannah and Derek X wondering whether to throw it to Whitney.

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Whitney has no allies in the house and is merely still there because another three people are in her team.

She isn’t deemed a target, but she could face the block if she doesn’t win power.

Brent looked sure he was staying at the eviction, and he had a blank expression on his face when it was announced he was leaving by a vote of 11-0.

The dude was delusional, thinking that he would be saved, but even more so during his interview with Julie.

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For some reason, the producers extended the interview time, and all he kept saying was that he had big plans.

Yeah, three weeks too late, pal.

Brent was initially targeted because of his actions in the house, not because he was deemed a threat, so it was one of the most awkward exit interviews in recent memory.

The next HOH competition featured the houseguests playing in teams to build a puzzle, but only one of them could be on the platform at a time, and they had a 25-second counter to swap out every so often.

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Christian won the Head of Household competition in a true shocker, meaning that the four-person strong Kings would all be safe for the week.

We have one more Wildcard competition to play, and our best bet is to get Whitney to shake up the game with a surprise win.

Big Brother continues Sunday on CBS.