Big Brother Recap: Alliances Shift as Frenchie (Finally!) Becomes the Target

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The first week of Big Brother Season 23 was intense, and it looks like the second week will continue to be just as chaotic.

Sunday's new episode picked up with Kyland in power and the rest of the house squirming to find out who would be put on the block.

Kyland was also trying to get to the root of the two votes against Alyssa. Viewers at home already knew Tiffany and Derek F were behind them, which added to the drama.

Brent and Kyland for CBS

Frenchie had asked Tiffany to do the vote to try to turn the target on to Derek X. Tiffany wanted to help because she was kept safe all week and wanted to catch Frenchie in a lie.

Tiffany is slowly becoming one of the best players in the house. She's gathering the information she needs to secure her safety later in the game.

Frenchie thought he was in good standing with Kyland, but Kyland shut all of that down in epic fashion when he said he would not be cutting any deals.

This sent good old Frenchie into a tailspin as he paraded around the house, declaring he was done with certain people.

Kyland Young on Big Brother

Whitney and Brent were tired of listening to Frenchie's ever-changing personality and realized they needed to find a way to get him out.

In a last-ditch effort to secure his safety, Frenchie tried to talk Brent into throwing the Wildcard competition to him. Yeah, who would throw a competition to a loose cannon?

In the end, Sarah Beth won that power, and it allowed her to choose whether to move to another team and ruin someone's safety.

Sarah Beth being close to Kyland allowed her to realize she did not need to use the power and could stay where she was. This allowed her to avoid making an enemy.

Frenchie for CBS

Kyland wanted to make a deal with Britini, but she refused to give him any worthwhile information.

She clearly forgot that you need to give the HOH something in exchange for safety, but Kyland was upset she didn't give him the goods.

When it came to the nominations, Kyland confirmed Frenchie and Britini would be on the block unless they won the Power of Veto.

Britini took it the worst, complaining about Kyland and how she would prove everyone wrong with the Veto. We've heard it all before on this show.

Brent Champagne for CBS

The bigger issue here is if Frenchie leaves. Would this ruin the momentum, or would it force the others to make new alliances?

Frenchie has been in control of the game, but it would go in different directions without him.

Big Brother continues Wednesday on CBS.

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