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"I go Russia!" was one of Julia Trubkina’s most famous lines on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance.

At the time, it was a warning to then-fiance Brandon Gibbs: fix things, or I’m going home.

As we have all seen, things aren’t quite perfect on Happily Ever After? either.

On Instagram, Julia recently announced that she has returned to Russia. Is their marriage over?

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina are stoney-faced during ambush

The world knows that Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs married over a year ago.

But details about their current relationship status remain under wraps — and under NDA.

At least, that’s usually how it goes. As we all know, sometimes the cast lets things slip.

Over the weekend, Julia shared a selfie snapped at an airport.

"Bye America! I go …" she captioned the photo.

The obvious fill-in-the-blank proved to be the case soon, when she answered.

"It finally came," Julia captioned yet another photo.

In a moment of self-parody, Julia then quoted: "’I go Russia!’"

Notably, Brandon is nowhere to be seen in these images.

"Tuapse is the city where I was born and raised," Julia captioned this photo.

"I love this little cute town," she expressed.

Julia detailed that "the population of our city is slightly more than 60 thousand."

While that is certainly a small city, it is well over twice the population of Dinwiddie, Virginia.

Keep in mind that Dinwiddie is an entire county, while Julia is referring to a small city.

Even without Betty and Ron’s toxicity and the 90 Day Farmhand misery, one can understand Julia’s culture shock.

Betty Gibbs is afraid Julia will take Brandon away from her

Some wondered if Julia was doing more than just sharing some quick facts about her hometown.

Perhaps, they wondered, she was hinting at her frustration at living in the middle of fumbuck nowhere.

There are places in Virginia where Julia could be very happy. Dinwiddie clearly was not one of them.

Julia Trubkina - I ready go now

Combined with the photos and captions indicating that she had returned to Russia, fans got to thinking.

Was she sharing with them that she and Brandon have broken up, that she has returned to Russia?

And was she even helping to explain how the misery of living in Dinwiddie drove her to return home?

Well … it’s always possible, we suppose.

But it seems much, much more likely that Julia is literally just visiting her hometown.

She can do that without divorcing Brandon.

Julia Trubkina - for me (a letter)

Julia was recently shown receiving documents from Immigration.

It was not her green card.

However, the documents allow her to legally work and to travel while she awaits her green card.

So even if, half a year (at least) later, she has not gotten her green card yet, she can travel.

Even if you are head over heels in love with your new spouse, it is normal to feel homesick and miss your family.

For that matter, Brandon may even be with her.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina hold hands, go to interview

If he is not with her, the most likely explanation would be that he is just at home working.

While many industrialized nations guarantee weeks of paid leave to everyone, the US has no such mandate for employers.

That said, Brandon could easily be traveling with Julia, just not appearing in posted photos.

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs explain that they have to wait 2 weeks

Why? Because they want to keep fans guessing about how their season ends.

Some degree of non-disclosure is always part of the contracts in these franchises.

The NDAs are only slightly relaxed for couples after they actually marry.

Gibbs family hugs Julia Trubkina

If they’re still together, one wonders what coping strategies they developed to deal with Brandon’s parents.

Betty Gibbs shows numerous classic signs of a narcissistic parent, including her controlling behavior and disregard for others.

Her sneaky ambush, shown just a couple of weeks ago, was only the latest example that viewers witnessed.

Betty Gibbs is indignant when confronted

The best thing, of course, would be for Brandon and Julia to go no-contact with Betty and Ron.

They are toxic people, and Brandon and Julia would be better off without them in their lives.

However, many people find it difficult to totally cut off all contact with their parents — no matter how beneficial it would be.

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina process serious interview ahead

Hopefully, Brandon and Julia moving into their own place solved at least some of their problems.

As castmate Yara Zaya often says, it’s normal for people to want their own space and not live with in-laws.

Moving out costs more money, but can you put a price on your mental and emotional health?