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It has been well over a month since disgraced former reality star Josh Duggar’s arrest.

The admitted sexual predator has been charged with possessing photos and videos of the sexual abuse of little girls.

With his arrest on everyone’s mind, Josh’s entire history is being viewed in a new light.

Part of that history includes one very, very creepy comment that he made about his sister, Jessa.

Josh Duggar at a Game
Photo via Instagram

For years, ever since Jim Bob and Michelle orchestrated a cover-up of Josh’s sex crimes as a teen, the family has tried to ignore who and what he is.

They were sure that if he prayed hard enough, he could pretend that he was a different person.

His whole family went along with the fiction that sexual predators can change their spots.

Josh Duggar Parties

But even those who managed to convince themselves that Josh’s teenage crimes didn’t define who he is are now reconsidering.

Josh has not been proven guilty of anything when it comes to the photos and video of little girls’ lives being ruined.

That doesn’t mean that people haven’t drawn their own conclusions, and wondered what other signs they missed along the way.

Josh Duggar Close Up
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Naturally, the denizens of Reddit took an unpleasant stroll down memory lane.

Their digging struck paydirt in the most unpleasant way imaginable.

About seven years ago, Josh wrote the creepiest message to his little sister, Jessa.

The year was 2013. Jessa, at the time, was courting Ben Seewald.

As fans may recall, it took them an entire 11 months to marry, tying the knot in late 2014.

It was the longest courtship of any of the Duggar siblings at that time.

Well, when Ben shared a photo of himself and Jessa engaged in a patented “side-hug,” Josh commented.

“I’m watching you,” the notorious perv wrote on Facebook, at a time before the general public knew what he had done.

He also added the “eyes” emoji, one generally used to convey interest or especially thirst, just to max out the creepiness.

Even without knowing the extend of Josh’s history, that’s creepy.

(Needless to say, the fact that most of his known victims were his own sisters makes it so much worse)

But looking at that comment right now … ugh, he’s just gross.

Josh’s intended meaning was clear.

In patriarchal cults like that to which the Duggar family belongs, father and brothers “protect” women from dating and sex.

You can see elements of this same idea in toxic purity culture even in more “mainstream” families.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

So his line about “watching you,” directed at Ben in 2013, was meant to be “protective.”

This was long before the world learned that Josh is the last person who should be trusted to protect any girl.

He was playing the role assigned to him by Jim Bob and IBLP’s destructive values.

Josh Duggar at the Zoo

Even the puzzling use of the eyes emoji can be explained.

Josh may technically be a Millennial, but growing up in a cult could arguably make him an “honorary boomer.’

Some fans on social media reasoned that he lacked the social context to understand that the emoji often conveys horniness.

Photo via Instagram

Fans understand what Josh meant at the time … but that doesn’t really change anything.

Everything that he has ever done — or said — is tainted by who and what he is.

Regardless of the outcome of his upcoming trial, that will be impossible to forget (one hopes).