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In recent weeks, Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh were plagued by ugly rumors.

Fans on social media speculated that the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple had broken up.

There has, after all, been a ticking clock hanging over Jenny and Sumit’s heads for many months.

However, Jenny confirmed that they’re not just together … Sumit put a ring on it.

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten - finally

Season 2 of The Other Way didn’t really end with any solid commitment.

At that time, all that Sumit threw Jenny’s way was a promise ring.

He was still refusing to begin an official engagement due to pressure from his parents.

Sumit Singh - promise ring

There was a rumor circulating recently that Sumit had dumped Jenny and possibly even remarried.

This far-fetched accusation alleged that Jenny had returned to the US, heartbroken.

It turned out that this wild speculation was the result of … some throwback pics and active imaginations.

As we here at THG covered in detail, these were phtoos from 2016.

It was only when they were posted on social media without full context that fans jumped to conclusions.

Jenny took to Facebook, where she is very active (as is age-appropriate for a woman in her sixties), to clear things up.

Jenny posted a video to Facebook.

The video was humbly titled "enjoying our day."

It was a throwback to November of 2020.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh in 2021

In the video, the pair are clearly enjoying each other’s company.

They are walking down streets, wearing masks, and passing by massive buffalo.

We then see the pair seated in a restaurant … with Jenny displaying a diamond ring.

Jenny Slatten Has Questions for Sumit's Attorney

“Oh my goodness WOW look at the ring. That man has great taste!!!” a fan wrote in a glowing review.

Others showered Jenny with praise, saying that the joy that she is experiencing is making her lookg younger.

“You fought hard for your love!,” a commenter observed.

Jenny Slatten Asks to See Divorce Papers from Sumit

“Lovely ring! Finally had ring ceremony? Congrats!!” another wrote.

“Is that a wedding ring on ur finger?” one fan finally asked, seeking clarification.

Jenny replied that she is wearing an “engagement” ring.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Are Together Again

A fan asked if she and Sumit see Sumit’s parents much.

Jenny replied that it’s “not often” that they see Anil and Sahna.

All things considered, that is very understandable.

Sumit Singh parents - we don't like her

Sumit’s parents are hung up on what other people think of an older woman with their son.

If it were just regular opposition, Sumit — being a grown man in his thirties — could ignore his parents’ wishes as they deserve.

Unfortunately, some harmful ideas about family bonds combined with his mother’s toxic manipulation have tied Sumit’s hands.

Sahna Singh - I'm going to commit suicide right here

Confessing that you are experiencing suicidal ideation, as Sumit did to his parents, is an important cry for help.

Threatening to take your life unless your family member does what you say is cruel and manipulative.

Sumit would be better off cutting off contact with his toxic relatives and being happy, but unfortunately, he seems unable or unwilling to take that step.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit on Season 2

Engagement is a major step, but were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic, Jenny would have had to leave India a long time ago.

She cannot continue to extend her visa forever, and merely being engaged will not let her stay indefinitely.

Sooner or later, Sumit will have to choose — marry Jenny and alienate his toxic relatives, or lose her forever as she returns to America.

However, we may get to see this engagement and possibly a lot more.

Jenny recently hinted on Instagram that she and Sumit may return to the franchise.

She told fans to "stay tuned." We look forward to finding out how their love story continues.