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When word got out that Chelsea Houska would be quitting Teen Mom 2, fans reacted to the news with dismay.

After all, by just about any metric, Chelsea was the most popular Teen Mom.

As the show declined in ratings — and, let’s be honest, quality — many viewers claimed that Chelsea was the only thing that kept them tuning in.

The main fear surrounding Chelsea’s departure was that she would step away from the spotlight entirely, and fans would no longer receive updates about the Houska-DeBoer family.

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Fortunately, that hasn’t happened.

Instead, Chelsea has provided regular — almost daily! — updates about life on her spacious homestead in South Dakota.

And the ones that her followers seem to appreciate the most involve Houska’s four kids.

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But despite how frequently Chelsea posts, fans are still stunned by how fast her young ones have grown.

In particular, Chelsea’s eldest child, daughter Aubree, routinely shocks fans with reminders that she’s not a little kid anymore.

Aubree is 11 years old, but based on some of her pics, it looks like she’s almost as tall as Chelsea.

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Earlier this week, Chelsea posted the photo above, and as usual fans marveled at the maturity of a girl whom they watched grow up.

“Summers are for softball," Houska captioned the pics.

Some folks wished Chelsea an enjoyable summer, but most simply remarked on Chelsea’s apparent proximity to adulthood.

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“She’s so grown up!" one fan fan commented, according to The Sun.

"Aubree is so grown up and still cute as ever,” another added.

“Girlie is getting so big!” a third chimed in.

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“All the girls are legit copy and paste of you,” one of Chelsea’s followers observed.

And of course, several fans offered up the same comment:

“OMG! She’s so big now!”

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Chelsea seems to have no problem sharing her blissfully happy home life with the world.

As long as she can do so on her terms, of course. 

Toward the end of her time on Teen Mom 2, Chelsea joined several of the other cast members in complaining that too many of the storylines focused on the private lives of her children.

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Unlike the others, however, Houska did something about it.

While we’re sure it wasn’t easy to walk away from a cushy job and two sources of income (insiders say Cole’s rate per episode was the same as his wife’s) Chelsea did what she felt she had to do in order to protect her children.

These days, Houska is focusing on her fashion line and her other business ventures.

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Social media has made it easy for Chelsea to monetize her popularity.

With a whopping 6.2 million followers, Houska has countless revenue streams available to her, but she seems to be selective in terms of who she partners with for sponsored content deals.

She also doesn’t post cheesy click bait links which is just one of many reasons that she’s commonly regarded as the most stable and trustworthy of the Teen Moms.

Yes, Chelsea’s daughters couldn’t ask for a better role model — and we look forward to watching their progress in the years to come.