Camilla Cattaneo, Siesta Key Cast Member, Confesses She Lost Co-Star's Baby

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Camilla Cattaneo made a heart-shattering reveal on Siesta Key this week.

The MTV personality has been front and center throughout Season 4, emphasizing on air that she isn't ready to take Brandon Gomes after he cheated on her and got another woman pregnant.

But here's the thing, Cattaneo admitted on the June 2 episode of this reality show:

Gomes also got her pregnant.

Camilla Cattaneo and Brandon Gomes

The confession took place while Cattaneo was discussing the group’s upcoming trip to the Grenadines and was asked if Brandon planned to bring his son, Quincy, along for the vacation.

“I do not want to see that kid, I’m sorry. It’s too much for me,” Camilla explained to Amanda Marie Miller and Juliette Porter ... before starting to cry.

“There’s just something deeper and it’s something I’ve been hiding from everyone because it’s very emotional.”

Cattaneo then took a breath and...

with gomes

“I was pregnant with Brandon’s kid in February and we went together to, like, the doctor’s and everything," she said on the show for the first time.

I had an ectopic pregnancy, which is when the egg gets stuck in the fallopian tube.

"I was at the hospital, [it was] the first time I ever had surgery, like, by myself all day.

"Brandon was waiting for me outside, took care of me, and, like, we grew close through that.”

Camilla Cattaneo and Brandon Gomes

This installment was filmed months ago, back in January 2021.

As the cameras rolled, Camilla went on to explain that the process was a “blessing in disguise" because her boyfriend ended up having a child with another woman, Delainey Shae, with whom he was sleeping behind her back.

“I’m pregnant and going to the emergency room, having surgery, while this girl is about to have his kid. I have no idea.

"He knows in the back of his head, clearly, that she was pregnant,” Camilla said through tears.

“You could have had both of us pregnant -- I mean, he did actually. What am I saying? He had both of us pregnant.”

Camilla admits

Following the scene hitting the air, Camilla tweeted:

“Although I never carried you in my arms, my heart will hold you forever. Heaven gained a beautiful angel.”

siesta tweet

On Instagram, the reality star referred to February 2020 “one of the hardest, life changing moments” she had been through and added:

“I put myself in such a vulnerable position on national tv because I wanted women to know that they are not alone.

"Things like this make us stronger and better. There’s many support groups if you feel alone please message me and I will try my best to help.

"You are not alone.”

brandon and

Camilla and Brandon’s relationship was a major storyline on season 3 of Siesta Key.

During the reunion special, which aired in August of last year, Gomes revealed that he was a father after having carried on an affair.

While he alleged it was a one-night stand, Delainey told Camilla that they had been hooking up for five months -- and that he “knew the whole time she was pregnant and decided to block her when she said she was keeping the baby.”

Siesta Key airs on MTV Wednesdays at 8/7c.

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