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As Christine Brown has made very clear over the past several weeks:

She’s miserable in her marriage.

The veteran Sister Wives star has stopped even trying to make this dissatisfaction a secret, talking openly on the show’s latest season finale about wanting to leave Kody.

Why, therefore, is she sticking around?

Christine Brown with Hubby

Why has Christine chosen to remain in Flagstaff, Arizona… despite her open desire to reside once again in her native state of Utah?

We may now have a somewhat clear idea.

In property records obtained by The Sun, we’ve gotten a look at the $520,000 home Christine and Kody purchased in September of 2018.

Based on the photos below and some of the figures associated with the quasi mansion, we can understand why Christine doesn’t think she’d be able to do any better elsewhere.

The house sits on two acres of land.

It has three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The custom kitchen is also newly renovated, boasting stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, an island and hardwood floors.

There’s an upstairs family room — with a large stone fireplace and a bar — and the home has brick detailing all throughout, including in one of the bedrooms.

The most attractive aspect, however?

Must be the views.

This is akin to living in an actual postcard, you guys, with mountains all around Christine and the sun essentially setting directly over her shoulder each night.

A mother of six, Christine is joined in the lovely residence by 19-year old Gwendlyn, 19, 17-year old Ysabel and 10-year old Truley

Christine and Kody purchased the home when the family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff in 2018.

Meri and Janelle also live in rented homes, while Robyn owns her $890,000 house outright.

The family hopes to build on land they purchased in June 2018 called Coyote Pass.

However, no progress has been made in three years and Christine scoffed at the notion that it would ever be ready on the aforementioned finale.

On this same episode, Christine expressed extreme frustration with her husband and their situation.

She said she wanted to return to Utah… she got rebuffed Kody and the other three sister wives… and she then confessed to Meri:

"I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore."

Whoa there, right?!?

Christine Brown, Post-Vaccine

Meri tried to make Christine feel better, but the latter simply doubled down in response.

"I don’t want to do it anymore," Christine again claimed when pressed.

Months after this finale was filmed, though, Christine is still in Arizona, still married to Kody.

She may have a terrible view of her partner, but at least she has breathtaking views to gaze at in her backyard all the time.