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You know what some people say about the Devil, right?

That the greatest con this evil dude ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

We don’t mean to compare Meri Brown to Beelzebub in this strained analogy, but:

Could the Sister Wives star also be pulling a major one over on fans and followers these days?

Meri Brown in Blue

For many months now, Brown has been insisting that she only needs herself to be happy.

As has been made evident on one Sister Wives episode after another, the veteran TLC star certainly can’t rely on her spiritual spouse for satisfaction of any kind.

Not when Kody is openly saying he’s repulsed by Meri and doesn’t want to touch her.

"I’m looking for a spark — something to initiate some form of desire for a relationship with each other," Kody said on air a few weeks ago, adding simply:

"And in this time, it has never manifested."

Sister Wives on an Episode

So there’s no hope at this point for Meri and Kody ever reconnecting in any meaningful way.

Yet the former insists she’ll never walk away from her very selfish husband.

No matter how much Kody sucks, Meri won’t leave, she has said on more than one occasion, prompting a great deal of consternation from all who care about her well-being.

Now, however, we may understand what’s going on herre.

Meri Brown: Another Selfie

Now, some folks out there are theorizing that Meri may often return to her home state of Utah not because she needs to help maintain the bed and breakfast she owns in that state.

Even though she definitely does.

But also because she may have a secret lover there.

And that’s why she doesn’t really give a you-know-what about the way Kody treats her.

Meri Brown Video Photo
Photo via Instagram

It’s not a totally insane hypothesis, is it?

Meri tried to date outside of her marriage in 2015, only for the world to learn she had been castfished.

It was a humiliating situation that involved a random woman on the Internet pretending to be a man and pretending to have a legitimate interest in the Sister Wives star.

The scandal marked the beginning of the end of her romance with Kody.

Photo via TLC

"Meri and I had problems like this long before Janelle even came into the family," Kody also said on a recent episode.

"But the catfishing thing was what really woke us up to the state of our situation.

"And we went a couple of years, a lot of counseling, figuring things out…

"I think we miss the idea of us — we don’t miss each other," he added, much to Meri’s pain and chagrin.

Meri Brown in Nature
Photo via Instagram

One can therefore understand why Meri would want to keep any new boyfriend a secret.

She doesn’t want to risk the wrath of Kody… she doesn’t want to make things between them any worse than they already are… and she wants to avoid another public embarrassment in case this fling blows up in her face.

IF it even exists, that is.

This is mostly just a bunch of speculation from curious social media users.

Kody and Meri Brown on a Date

Meri, meanwhile, continues to share vague nods to her crumbling marriage on her Instagram Stories.

“Love is a commitment. A verb. A constant effort. Not an emotion. You don’t feel love. You do it," she wrote a couple days ago, taking an apparent jab at Kody.

Meri also often hosts an Instagram Live chat titled “Friday With Friends," during which fans bring up their thoughts with the TLC star.

Meri Brown Season 15 Pic
Photo via TLC

One viewer recently asked Meri to weigh in on how she deals with feelings of irrelevancy, posing this inquiry:

“How do you deal with feeling you aren’t important??? Please tell me because my faith says make it work but my head says, be happy."

Replied the reality TV star:

“@the_only_joy_21 I totally feel important! My happiness comes from within! You got this! [purple heart emoji]”

Meri with Kody Brown
Photo via Instagram

Inspiring words from Meri.

But they aren’t stopping some readers from wondering whether or not this happiness also comes from without.

Which is to say… from a mysterious man in Utah!