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For years, iCarly was beloved by all age groups and was a ratings juggernaut.

Excitingly, the series has been revived and will be returning in just a few weeks.

Unfortunately, one of the new cast members has been targeted by monstrous, racist trolls.

Her castmates, producers, and Paramount itself are speaking out in her defense.

iCarly Revival promo photo

Laci Mosley is part of the iCarly revival.

She is not playing Sam Puckett, Jennette McCurdy’s iconic character.

Jennette opted out of the revival, prioritizing her mental and emotional health.

However, some disgusting racists noticed her absence and did not handle it well.

Instead of going “wow, what will the show be without Sam? I look forward to meeting this new character,” they chose another route.

Specifically, they condemned and attacked the new character, Harper, and her actress, Laci Mosley.

Miranda Cosgrove and Laci Mosley

We’re not just talking about less-than-nuanced replies or misunderstandings.

She was bombarded with vitriol and the most vile racist slurs imaginable.

There are evil people in this world — but fortunately, Laci doesn’t have to weather it alone.

“iCarly are proud to be racially diverse, not only in our crew but our cast,” the show has released.

“We have recently seen reports of racism towards a member of our iCarly cast, and it is not acceptable!” the statement lamented.

“Please think about your words,” the statement asked, “and take time to understand how what you say can impact other people.”

Comedian Franchesca Ramsey and other writers on the show’s production also spoke out on social media.

“Hey #iCarly tweeps! I’m seeing a looooot of racist abuse being hurled at one of our star,” Ramsey wrote.

She added: “I’d love if you’d join me in calling it out it when/if you see it.”

“I’m sad this has to be said but if I’m being honest…I kinda expected it,” Ramsey admitted.

“And I hate that,” she expressed. “It’s heart breaking that Black women just EXISTING results in an onslaught of racist abuse.”

Ramsey emphasized: “It’s not ok. And being a bystander isn’t ok either.”

“Laci’s character Harper isn’t replacing Sam,” Ramsey wrote.

“No one could replace Jeanette McCurdy or her incredible talent!”

“But it’s both racist as hell & completely unfair to decide that Laci hasn’t earned her role,” she wrote, “especially since the show isn’t even out yet!!”

“As difficult as it may be to accept, things change!” Ramsey wrote.

“People are allowed to grow and evolve just like your favorite tv shows, musicians, actors, friends etc,” she emphasized.

Ramsey wrote: “Something changing doesn’t erase/replace the original nor does it lessen its importance in your life.”

“To be honest the excitement for the #iCarly reboot is flattering & terrifying,” Ramsey confessed.

“I wasn’t prepared for the fandom & I’m just a writer! It’s A LOT,” she added.

“I just ask that you give it & us a chance & pls be kind to our new cast members,” Ramsey requested.

“They’re working so hard & have made us very proud,” Ramsey emphasized.

Laci spoke up on Twitter to show her appreciation for the vocal defense of her.

She wrote: “Thank you for covering me sis you’ve been such a gracious, kind role model I look up to you so much.”

“We unequivocally denounce all racist attacks, anti-Black language and hate speech in the strongest possible terms,” reads a group letter from the writers.

“iCarly is a joyous, inclusive show meant to promote kindness (and the occasional prank),” they emphasized.

“Harassment and white supremacist ideology have no place in our show or the discourse around it,” the writers affirmed.

It is appalling that Black actresses not only receive racist attacks, but expect it.

White supremacy is a blight upon our world and must be countered, and loudly, at every turn.

The iCarly revival will premiere on Paramount+ on June 17. Hopefully, viewership will drown out the hate.