Kaleh Marley: Is the Seeking Sister Wife Star Pregnant?

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On the latest season oof Seeking Sister Wife, Kaleh Marley made the very healthy decision to walk away from Jarod and Vanessa.

The reality star realized that she needed to get the heck out of that terrible situation and start a new life.

Now, however?

Many social media users are wondering of Kaleh has started a different kind of new life... inside of her womb!

Kaleh Marley

Could Kaleh Marley really be pregnant?

We have a couple powerful reasons to think so.

FIRST, there's the following piece of apparent evidence.

It's a photo Marley uploaded a short while ago to Instagram, only to eventually take down. But it sure looks like the former TLC personality is rocking a baby bump, doesn't it?

Kaleh Marley Pregnant?

SECOND, while this revealing snapshot has been deleted, Kaley has left up on her same official Instagram page a link to a baby registry on Amazon.

The registry lists an arrival date on an impending child as August 30, 2021, which would mean Kaley is pretty far along in her pregnancy and which would jibe with the snapshot above.

Because, let's face it, that's the look of a woman in her third and final trimester, wouldn't you say?

Or at least a woman very close to that stage.

Kaleh Marley

IF Kaley is expecting, the obvious follow-up question would be whether or not Jarrod is the baby's father.

IF we're also to assume that Marley really is due at the end of August, this would mean she conceived the boy or girl some time in December, a time frame that probably rules Jarrod out.

But you never know, of course.

We're speculating a bit here overall and jumping to a decent number of conclusions.

jarrod on airr

The last photos of Kaleh posted by Jarod, Vanessa, or their joint Polygamy social media accounts were in November of 2019.

Jarod met his first wife, Vanessa, while he was still in the military.

He suggested they try polygamy about six-and-a-half years into the relationship, prompting a disgusting response at first from his spouse.

"The response that I received from her was a flat, pure, unadulterated no," Jarod previously said.

and vanessa

"I thought it was more for you than it was for me. That was the biggest stigma that I had to get over," Vanessa told Jarod on air at one point in reference to her understandable initial objection, adding:

"I knew absolutely nothing about polygamy. It took me a lot of learning, background, history, everything, to actually understand the benefits of it.

"I realized I would have somebody who has my back with not only my children, with my husband, with my house, with everything."

We guess that's true, to some unusual extent.

seeking woman

The agreement led the couple to track down Kaleh and invite her into their home and life.

By all accounts, the plural marriage lasted approximately three years -- until Kaleh decided to quarantine on her own during the COVID-19 pandemic and then realized she was happier on her own, as documented on the season of Seeking Sister Wife that premiered in late March.

But is she really on her own these days?

Or might she soon be welcoming a tiny son or daughter to keep her very close company in the many years ahead?

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