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When the court decided upon the conditions of Josh Duggar’s release on bond, the judge considered many things.

But no one seemed to ask the neighbors if they like having a monster like Josh living nearby.

However, this does mean that there are extra eyes keeping a close watch (with good reason) on the house.

Which is how we know that Anna and all six of her kids were spotted visiting Josh.

Josh Duggar Parties

Josh is living in the home of LaCount and Maria Reber.

They are fellow members of the extremist church to which the Duggar family belongs.

They are also friends of Jim Bob, and volunteered to keep Josh in their home during his release on bond.

Josh Duggar at a Game
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Josh cannot be under the same roof as any minors — with one glaring exception.

The court has stated that Josh may have "unlimited access" to his six children.

The condition is that this family time be supervised.

Josh Duggar and His Poor Wife

Jason Gemeiner is a neighbor of the Reber family.

He lives behind their property, relatively speaking.

Jason has spoken before about his feelings of discomfort with Josh being so close to his own family.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.

Now, Jason has told The Sun that he believes that he saw Anna and the six children visiting Josh.

“I believe I saw family visit, yes," he shared.

Jason added: I believe his wife and kids visited."

"I assume that’s who they were," Jason admitted.

As just a neighbor, he would only see the guests at a distance, so it’s not like he can swear who they are.

"There were also other people," he added, referring to possible other (hopefully adult) guests.

The Masked Devil

"I’m a little concerned," Jason previously expressed.

"But," he acknowledged at the time, "there is not much I can do about it."

Jason detailed: “I have a teen daughter so that’s my concern."

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar: A Photo

"But she’s a strong girl!" Jason praised.

It is good that he thinks so highly of his daughter, but he seemed mistaken when it comes to sexual predation.

Plenty of strong, smart, amazing people are groomed, molested, or assaulted.

Josh Duggar Close Up
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"We’re spread apart," Jason noted, referring to acres of distance between the houses.

"There is a horse pasture in between us," he detailed.

"It’s not like we interact," Jason added.

The Rebers
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"Everyone keeps to themselves," Jason described.

He did go on to praise his neighbors, the Rebers, as “nice people.”

Nice as far as cult members who willingly associate with Jim Bob, anyway.

Josh Duggar in Court
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“They told us Josh is staying with them," Jason shared.

"I found out before they told us," he added.

"But," Jason expressed, "I appreciated them telling us.” 

Anna and Josh Duggar Throwback

Grimly, it is no surprise that Anna would visit Josh and bring the children along.

Multiple reports have all said the same thing:

Despite all of the evidence and his own history of wrongdoing, Anna is standing by her husband.

Josh Duggar Throwback

She traveled with him when he turned himself in to authorities.

Now, it sounds like she has brought the six children to see their father.

One can only imagine what version of events she has told them to explain all of this.

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Josh was arrested for possessing child pornography.

According to the charges, Josh had video and photos depicting the sexual abuse of young girls.

Based upon testimony in court, the victims were between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.

Josh Duggar and a Child

Child pornography isn’t simply illegal because it is repulsive to the rest of us.

It is illegal because it is the documentation of the abuse and ruined lives of children.

The victims don’t deserve to have it circulated, and those who make and distribute it deserve to be held accountable.

Duggars Celebrate Christmas
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The judge emphasized that the horror of child porn was part of the consideration of Josh’s bond.

However, he was released … and is now living in a large, nice home of fellow cult members who are close to his father.

Josh’s current cushy surroundings are a reminder that our justice system is far from even-handed.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

With strict conditions, no internet access, and an ankle monitor, this might sound undignified.

But it’s luxurious compared to how so many are treated following an arrest.

How many people are behind bars right now because they were accused of a minor offense but didn’t have the cash for bail?

Josh Duggar and Fam
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Still, it is hoped that these conditions will at least prevent Josh from gaining access to actual children or to the internet.

We can only speculate as to why the judge permitted him supervised access to his own children.

It is not a comfortable idea for many who are familiar with Josh’s criminal history and pathology.