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Jill Duggar has made no secret, for several months now, of her estrangement from pretty much everyone else in the world who shares her last name.

But you know what they say about misery, right?

And how it loves company?

Well… Josh Duggar’s actions have made his family members more miserable and ashamed than ever before, perhaps prompting a need for Jill to seek the company of two of her sisters.

Jill Duggar at a Meal

In the wake of Josh’s arrest on two counts of child pornography possession (a sentence that makes our stomachs turn simply to write), Jill met up this week wiith Joy-Anna and Jessa Duggar.

For the first time in as long as we can remember.

“Had a lovely belated birthday lunch with some of my fam at one of our favorite places!” Jill captioned an Instagram Story snapshot on Thursday, May 27, tagging her siblings in the process and adding:

“Missed you @janamduggar.”

Joy-Anna shared the image photo on her own Instagram Story, writing: “Love you @jillmdillard Happy belated birthday!”

This meet-up, of course, is notable for a couple of reasons.

First and most prominently these days, nothing can be written about the Duggars without citing Josh’s aforementioned arrest and pending July trial.

The fatherr of six faces up to 40 years in prison for allegedly downloading over 200 photos/videos of minors as young as 18 months old, reportedly doing so from his work computer in early 2019.

Josh Duggar at a Game

This scandal is only the latest and the most disgusting to center around Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest son, who previously admitted to infidelity and to groping little girls when he was a teenager.

Jill, Joy-Anna and Jessa all released statements in the wake of the arrest, too.

"We just found out this information yesterday," she and husband Derick said on April 30.

"It is very sad."

Jill, Joy

Said Joy-Anna:

"The recent accusations brought against Josh sadden us to our core. We have not wanted to be hasty in making any statements while trying to process the news ourselves.

We are especially heartbroken by the reality that there are children in the world being harmed and exploited.

"We ask for prayer for all those involved and it is our continued prayer that the truth comes to light."

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald Video Pic

And then Jessa:

"We are saddened to hear of the charges against Josh.

"As Christians, we stand against any form of pornography or abuse and we desire for the truth to be exposed, whatever that may be.

"Our prayers are with their family as they walk through this difficult time."

Jill, meanwhile, has also been very critical of her relatives for awhile now… specifically her mother and father.

After six seasons as cast members on Counting On, for example, Jill and Derick finally quit and alleged they had been taken advantage by TLC executives and their own dad.

“Up until around the time we left the show, we hadn’t been paid for anything," the couple said this past September via YouTube.

Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald

A month later, Jill opened up about the controlling and selfish nature of Jim Bob and Michelle.

“We found out we didn’t have as much control over our lives as it related to the show and stuff, as we needed,” she said in October 2020.

“We had to make a decision at that time to kind of put the show aside … to pursue our own goals and everything.

"That’s when we made that decision. … There’s been some distancing there.”

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Celebrate

Continued Jill, spilling a lot of tea on where she stands with her parents:

"There are definitely some issues there.

"We definitely feel like we’re in a healthy place now for our family and have control over our lives…

"Certain people are more supportive than others. I think it ebbs and flows with a family of that size.

"Every family has drama and so when you’ve got that many more people giving opinions or whatever, it can get crazy.”

This is very true.

It can get especially crazy when your parents essentialy force you to get pregnant, despite valid health concerns.

"Growing up, it was ingrained in me that if you don’t have as many kids as you’re able to, that there’s something wrong with that," Jill finally admitted very recently to People Magazine, acknowledging a "shift" in her thinking at last.

It was a shift "where I felt like it wasn’t wrong if you decide as a couple that it’s best for you to wait."

Amen, Jill. Glad you finally figured this out for yourself.