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Amber Portwood’s core personality issues have helped to keep her on reality television for many years.

But they have also caused rifts between her and just about everyone in her life.

Gary Shirley has shaded Amber in recent weeks over her relentless badmouthing.

On Mother’s Day, Gary escalated from subtle digs to an overt snub.

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To begin his Mother’s Day tribute on Sunday, Gary posted a series of photos.

They were sweet, wholesome images of his wife, Kristina.

6-year-old Emilee and 12-year-old Leah were also present in the photos.

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"Happy Mother’s Day to the ONE best MOM’s I know," Gary’s caption began.

He praised Kristina: "You’re an amazing mother & step mother."

Gary then emphasized: "Know that you are way more than a step mom!"

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"I couldn’t imagine doing this without you," Gary confessed.

"Thanks for always being a great role model for our kiddos," his caption praised.

"Your my #mvp #happymothersday @kristina_shirley3," Gary wrote.

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But Kristina was not the only mother mentioned.

Gary then added: "I also wanna take a moment and wish my sister in law a happy mother’s day."

"@bmccance1 your a great one as well. :)," he wrote.

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"Last but not least," Gary’s caption continued.

Oh good, here comes the mention of Amber … right?

"I wanna wish all the mom’s out there a happy Mother’s Day," Gary wrote.

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"They’re lots of you out there that sacrifice so much you for children," Gary acknowledged.

"You are not forgotten," he emphasized.

And that is not the end of this torrential downpour of shade.

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"Being a mom takes a lot," Gary wrote.

"Long hours at work, coming home and teaching your kids," he described.

Gary continued to list: "being a nurse, and the chef haha."

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"Point is a mother is so much more than popping out a kid," Gary shaded heavily.

"So my hats off to all you mothers out there," he expressed.

"Again," Gary wrote, "Happy Mother’s Day."

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"Ps I hate grammar and typing," Gary acknowledged.

"So my apologies for any grammar issues. Ha," his caption concluded.

Everyone makes typos every day. It’s fine, Gary.

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Of course, Amber might be feeling differently.

Gary described at length so many things that Kristina has done for all three of their household’s children.

And Amber’s own daughter, Leah, was very recently shown suggesting that Amber hasn’t been much of a mom to her.

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Leah didn’t even want to include Amber in the family portion of her birthday party.

Why? Because she didn’t really have that kind of bond with Amber.

Amber birthed her, but, Leah noted, it had always been Kristina who was there for her.

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Amber, of course, remained calm and understood where her preteen daughter’s feelings were coming from.

Just kidding, of course. Amber does not have the capacity to take anything in stride, it seems.

Amber pitched repeated and very public fits on social media, raving against Kristina and Gary for "sabotaging" her relationship with Leah.

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She feuded nonstop with Gary and with Kristina, refusing to take any responsibility.

Gary and Kristina have taken the high road during all of this.

So … was this a big deviation from that?

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No one can blame Gary for omitting any mention of Amber for Mother’s Day.

After all: if you can’t say anything nice, should you say anything at all?

What could Gary have honestly written about Amber that would be both kind and sincere?