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Ashley Cain has provided fans with a heart-shattering update on how he’s feeling at the moment.

The former Challenge cast member and professional soccer player lost his 8-month-old daughter, Azaylia Diamond, last week after she had been diagnosed with cancer in October.

A week after this unimaginable loss, Cain is still reeling from her passing.

Ashley Cain and Fam

For the most understandable of reasons, of course.

"I wanted to take this time to give thanks for all the love, care and support for Azaylia throughout her battle and still now for us as a family," Cain wrote to open his lengthy Instagram message.

"I am broken and hurting more and more everyday right now," he added.

This past fall, the 30-year old reality star revealed that Azaylia had been diagnosed with a "very rare and aggressive form" of leukemia, a blood cancer.

Over the subsequent few months, the infant went through treatments in the hospital, as Cain kept followers apprised of her condition.

Tragically, he, girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee and their doctors were unable to save the little girl.

It’s more heartbreaking than words can describe. Wrote Cain a few days ago, following his daughter’s passing:

"Rest In Paradise Princess ???I will always hold you in my heart until I can hold you again in heaven ❤️? #AzayliaDiamondCain."

On Saturday, Cain made no secret of the horrible pain he continues to endure.

Cain wrote that he "made a promise to my daughter that I would keep her name alive by continuing to help other children, adults and their families during their own battles and I will honor that promise until I see her again.

Similarly, on her own Instagram Story, Vorajee uploaded a photograph of the pair’s late daughter, writing "so beautiful I think about you all day and night," adding:

"Trying to get myself out of bed in the morning has never felt so hard."

Ashley Cain Picture

"The pain that hits me when I open my eyes is unbearable."

"I just want this all to be a dream."

In February, Cain said his family was "urgently informed that Azaylia’s leukemia had returned," mere moments before she was due to leave the hospital after a stem-cell transplantation.

Ashley Cain, Baby

Shortly before her Azaylia’s death, Cain was told to "make the most" of his time with his daughter by physicians who told him that the baby was nearing her final days.

The MTV personality went on to post images of Azaylia eating from her high chair and going for walks in her stroller.

Common, everyday occurrences — that took on extra special, sentimental and sad meaning for her parents.

Ashley Cain and Family

On Friday, Vorajee also reflected on the heartbreak she can’t shake – and may never fully be able to.

"1 week today this was all happening," she wrote alongside photo of her and her baby together.

"You are so incredible Azaylia, you have changed My life."


"Honestly I feel so proud of you, I am lost without you but I [know] your with me close all the time."

Added Cain a week ago, paying tribute to Azaylia by addressing her directly:

"I can’t put into words my sadness and pain, there aren’t words to describe it."

Ashley Cain, Daughter

"I love you with every ounce of my body and I miss you so much already."

He added, in his tribute to the little girl, "You made me a better man."

"You made me the person I’ve always wanted to be."

Ashley Cain, Family

"You’ve taught me more in your 8 months than I’ve learned my whole life."

Rest in peace, little angel.