Angelina Pivarnick Fights Snooki in Epic Jersey Shore Confrontation!

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As you may know, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation makes its return to MTV on Thursday, June 3.

As you probably know, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is returning for the second half of Season 4.

And to say that things are awkward with Snooki and Angelina Pivarnick right now, well ...

That would be an understatement.

Angelina, Snooki, and Deena

From the sounds of things, when Angelina and Snooki finally meet up on Jerzday ... it's going to be explosive.

Angelina and co-stars Jenni, Deena, and Vinny all spoke to TooFab in anticipation of the rest of the season.

Angelina confirmed that she and Snooki had not spoken before Filming Season 4B.

"We obviously didn't leave off on the best terms," she understated.

Angelina Pivarnick Poses For Instagram

"I definitely wanted to have that sit down with her I had with the girls," Angelina explained.

She then teased: "You'll see how that plays out this season."

Angelina also shared that she didn't go to Deena or Jenni for advice or tips before her sit-down with Snooki.

Angelina Pivarnick or Kim Kardashian

"I kind of just had my own, in my own head what I was gonna say with her," Angelina said.

She already know "what I wanted to hash out with her."

"And you'll definitely see how that plays out when we have that sit-down," Angelina promised.

JWoww Drops the Mic

Jenni had more details to share after that tease.

"The way that they talked to each other was wild," she described.

Jenni admitted: "It's probably my most favorite part of the season that I'm looking forward to."

J Woww

Jenni specified that her most anticipated moment "is when they get together and have a conversation."

She added: "I just think it just got reckless."

Jenni said of this reckless vibe "which is what I loved the most about us." 

Deena and JWoww

The stars opened up about how they had felt about Snooki's departure and now her return.

"I personally thought she completely closed [the door on returning]," Deena admitted.

"I was so sad about it," she expressed.

Deena is Sad

Deena explained that she had been sad "because I really thought she was just done and moving on."

"So when she decides to come back," she continued, "I was so, so happy and just so relieved."

Deena was overjoyed "because I just missed my meatball so much."

JWoww With Snooki

"I was the opposite," Jenni admitted.

"I was always gonna be optimistic," she characterized.

Jenni had high hopes "just because I always felt like it wasn't complete without her."

JWoww 2020

Jenni reasoned: "So she would have to come back."

"Or," she continued, "she'd have to like watch us and be like, 'Guys, you suck without me.'"

"I always just wanted to have my meatball," Jenni affirmed.

Jersey Shore Bridesmaids

"And obviously, you can see in the preview we were truly shocked," Jenni said.

"I had no idea it was going to be that for Mike's sober anniversary party," she admitted.

"And," Jenni added, she was "beyond excited and happy of how it happened."

Angelina Pivarnick on New Season

Meanwhile, Angelina shared that she always "had a feeling" that Nicole would return.

Vinny shared that, in his mind, it "never really felt like she left."

"We're all so close with each other," he explained. "I was like, 'You can take your little break but you're not going."

Drunk Vinny Guadagnino

Snooki didn't have to appear on the show to still be kept up to speed.

Jenni revealed that the two of them were actually on FaceTime in the bathroom just moments before a chat with Dr. Drew about the Angelina drama.

"I truly kept her up to date with every section of what I was doing," she shared.

Jenni Farley in the Car

Jenni explained that she did this "because she is our best friend."

"And," she continued, "she wanted to know just as much as I did."

Jenni explained "because I went to Vegas later than everyone and I kind of felt like an outsider, not by choice."

JWOWW at the MTV Movie and TV Awards

Jenni, of course, had arrived late after her recovery from TMJ surgery.

"So I'm venting to my boo, so she kinda knew everything before it aired," Jenni shared.

"But I'm sure with her watching it," she added, "she was probably seeing it from like a bigger perspective that just us talking about it."

Deena Cortese

According to Deena, the three women all stayed in touch in their "sister chat."

She admitted to them both that their male freinds made her feel "a little pressured" to make nice with Angelina.

As the episodes aired, they understood what she meant.

Deena Cortese Cheers on Her Babymoon

"We always keep each other in the loop with what goes on," Deena stated.

"Especially with Nicole not there," she stressed, "we always were telling her this is happening right now and this is happening."

Deena affirmed: "She's still part of the family, even though she wasn't physically there."

Vinny With Angelina

Angelina and Vinny were asked whether they had considered taking a hiatus like Snooki did.

"I had [a break] for like 7 years, so I'm good with that, I'm not doing that again," Angelina replied.

She then added: "Vinny also took a little breaky break."

Vinny Guadagnino Promo Pic

"Yeah, I did, I left at a time with some other personal issues and it's a reality show," Vinny acknowledged.

"When your real life gets in the way sometimes, there's nothing you can do," he noted sagely.

"We film so much, there's gonna be times where it can get to be too much for somebody," Vinny remarked.

Angelina Pivarnick In a Bikini

"Or someone has to deal with something," Vinny continued.

"And," he noted, "you gotta do what's best for yourself at the end of the day."

As for the group chat that the other ladies share, Angelina hasn't been allowed back on it ... and claims that this suits her just fine.

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