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Based on what we’ve seen on television over the past few months, Amy Roloff doesn’t seem particularly happy.

On the previous season of Little People, Big World, Amy was clearly frustrated by her professional relationship with ex-husband Matt, feeling as if he was pressuring her to sell him her portion of the family farm.

Which Amy did eventually agree to.

She has since moved off the property and into a home about 15 minutes away.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are in Love

In a trailer for the upcoming season, meanwhile, Amy seems irritated for a different reason.

She’s pretty annoyed that Matt and her fiance, Chriis Marek, are becoming good friends. It’s just a tad awkward, you know?

What might this mean?

If Amy really is unhappy with her current circumstances and if she would maybe prefer to have some distance between herself and Matt Roloff?

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Well… let’s consider, shall we?

Amy and Chris are getting married this year.

It sounds like they may be tying the knot in either late summer or early fall.

Amy no longer really has a role on the farm and is about to embark on a new journey with Marek, a real estate agent who has been with the reality star for over three years now.

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Why not spin these two off?!?

Why not produce a show (Amy’s Adventures?) that features the life Amy and Chris will be building for themselves, especially when you consider a couple things:

  1. Amy is a fantastic cook. She has a side business called Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen, which could absolutely be the focus of a follow-up program.
  2. Marek is a motorcycle enthusiast. He and Amy often go on road trips to interesting destinations, providing this hypothetical series with even more storylines.

Makes almost too much sense, doesn’t it/

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on the Gram

Little People, Big World has been on the air since 2006.

It’s done exceptionally well, for both TLC and also for all its main cast members.

But Jacob Roloff, Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Rolloff have also left the show at various points over the past few years.

Even Matt has hinted that he may want to retire and move to Arizona with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on Thankgiving

Might Zach or Jeremy take over the business?


And that could be a spinoff of its own, perhaps. We’d certainly watch.

But such a purchase would also mean Amy has even less of a role to play on the farm.

Amy Roloff and Chris: Look at Us!
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One more thing to consider?

If TLC executives possess any moral compass whatsoever, they will cancel Counting On in the wake of the heinous Josh Duggar arrest news.

This former network employee has been charged with two counts of child pornography and accused of downloading explicit photos of kids as young as five.

We have no idea how TLC can keep anyone in this family on its payroll.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Kitchen

Assuming the network does soon give Counting On the axe?

That would open up a spot on its schedule. It would mean TLC could very well be in search of a reality show to take its spot.

Considering the popularity of Amy Roloff? And how little it would cost to produce her spinoff?

Come on now, TLC. What are you waiting for?!?

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on the Gram

"I must admit I never thought I’d meet someone again that I wanted to say yes to and here I am," wrote Amy recently about Marek..

"The second time around (and last) is quite different in a of good ways. Yes, we’re different in many ways but also very together in others.

"Those difference and togetherness encourages us to be our best, give and serve each other, support each other, appreciate our individuality and in it all Love each other so much.

"I’m very much looking forward to marrying this man. I’m thankful, grateful, faithful and full of love.

"I pray and thank the Lord everyday. What a blessing."