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Some major changes are on the way for the Roloffs.

In our very first look at a new season of Little People, Big World, we get a sneak peek at how Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff and their kids are adjusting to life amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

And also how certain members of this popular family are adjusting to their new living situation.

For instance?

Photo via TLC

These episodes were filmed in early 2020, shortly after Amy moved off the farm in Oregon and into herr own place.

She’s tried to make it also feel like home to fiance Chris Marek, but he isn’t feeling very wanted in this sneak peek.

"It kind of irritates me that I go to the trouble of clearing out a space and I come back and you’ve put stuff in it," Chris tells her in one scene. "You’re not creating space for me."

Amy admitted at the time that it was taking her awhile feel comfortable in her own house, after so many decades on the farm.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek on the Gram

In more positive news for the couple, however, they’ll also be planning their wedding day this season — with Amy looking gorgeous in the dresses she finds while shopping.

Would they actually get married on the farm, however, even with Matt as the majority owner?

While touring the property one day, Marek laments how Amy seems "sandwiched between the old husband and the new husband," making a pretty stunning confessional in the process to the camera.

"It seems like Chris and Matt are becoming buddies," Amy says to viewers later on. "Like, really?"

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Elsewhere, Matt Roloff is going strong with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, who is facing questions about her intentions when it comes to the romance.

"I think the saddest thing that I deal with with Matt is that people think that I’m with him because, ‘Oh, she must be a gold-digger,’" Caryn admits to Tori Roloff. "And it’s like, why do you have to think that?"

It’s true.

Random trolls on the Internet have been very mean to Chandler over the years.

Photo via TLC

"I’m married to the guy that owns a pumpkin patch. How could I not be into it?" Caryn says in a confessional while sitting next to Matt.

Uhhh, what?

"I’m not married, did I say married?" she corrects herself, as Matt confirms with a laugh: "Yeah, you did."

To be fair, these two will at least be engaged very soon.

Matt Roloff in Black and White

As for tension between the former spouses?

Although it’s been five years since Matt and Amy divorced, the time has finally arrived for them to divide assets pertaining to the family farm.

"Did you hear my dad’s going to buy my mom out?" Zach says to wife Tori while on a walk with their two children.

Amy, for her part, awkardly had not heard this.

"I always knew that in the end, he would want it all," she tells the cameras.

When it comes to Zach and Tori?

The forrmer is contemplating co-owning and running the aforementioned farm with his dad… while the couple raises their son and daughter, who are both facing the possibility of needing surgery.

"Lyla is going to the eye doctor," Tori says.

"Every once in a while she’d be cross-eyed, especially when looking far away. She needs glasses or the possibility of surgery."

Roloff Family Portrait

And "Jackson’s legs are starting to bow," Zach explains to viewers… as Tori is seen telling someone: "He will probably need surgery."

The new season will also feature Tori and Zach breaking their pregnancy news to the family — an exciting moment that was filmed before Tori shared in March that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Simply heartbreaking.

Tori Roloff in Thought
Photo via Instagram

"I’ve honestly never felt loss like I did in that moment," Tori wrote on Instagram at the time.

"I’ve never felt so sad, angry, and scared in a single moment. I had no symptoms of losing [our] sweet angel baby and nothing could have prepared me for hearing our sweet baby was gone."

Little People, Big World premieres May 11 at 9/8c on TLC.