Teresa Giudice Mocked by Vicious Trolls: You Look Like a Friggen Platypus!

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Even when Teresa Giudice is under fire on the show, she still has no shortage of fans.

But reality television comes with critics, too, and it's not all about her actions.

Right now, some so-called fans are taking aim at her looks.

There's no nice way to do that, but ... did they have to compare her to a platypus?

Teresa Guidice Explains Her Motives to the Camera

First, we'll start at the beginning.

Teresa has been teasing her fans about her new, non-fraudulent project: jewelry.

"I've been hard at work on my new project," she told her followers.

Teresa Giudice Wants to Make Peace

The recent post continued as Teresa began to build up hype.

"Cant' wait to show you what I've been working on!" she teased.

Alongside that message, Teresa shared a photo of herself.

Teresa Giudice Teases Fans

It wasn't a bad photo.

Teresa was in full makeup, with false lashes and lipstick.

She posed for the photo with a pout, and received many complements.

Teresa Giudice Apologizes to Jackie Goldschneider

Teresa was praised for her "beautiful" face and her "flawless skin."

"Such a beauty inside and out," wrote one commenter.

"Your skin looks great," they continued. "Beauty inside and out."

Teresa Giudice is Implied to be a Troublemaker

"You look incredible!" raved another commenter.

"Best of luck to you and your new venture!" that fan wrote.

But not all of the vibes in the comments section were so positive.

Teresa Giudice in Total Shock

"Her lips look like a clown," one commenter accused.

The troll continued: "She's ruining her beauty."

Another agreed: "She's had so much work done."

Teresa Giudice vs. Jackie

"Working on fillers and photoshop obviously," snarked another commenter.

"Stop with the plastic surgery," another demanded.

This fan remarked: "you're looking too different."

Teresa Giudice Insta Photo

"Stop, please. Stop the fillers," another barked in Teresa's comments.

"You look so fake," the commenter accused.

That same detractor added: "you lost your natural beauty."

Teresa Giudice for RHONJ

"So stop you're destroying your look," the commenter insisted.

Another scolded her: "You look so much better with less makeup on."

"Your beautiful naturally please stop with all the filler and botox," another asked.

Teresa Giudice Threatens to Blow Her "Casket"

"Your look is changing and you don't look real," that same follower wrote.

Others compared her lips to a "fish."

And then others took it further, likening Teresa's face to a "platypus" or "Michael Jackson."

Teresa Giudice, Up Close and Very Personal

Those are some rough statements, some cruel comments.

Some of it is framed as coming from a place of "concern."

Meanwhile, others were mroe deliberate attacks, intended to be hurtful.

Teresa Giudice in Summer

Why do people leave comments like these?

It is ultimately hard to say at times.

Humans are complicated creatures, with many motivations for what they say and do.

Teresa Giudice Arrives Bearing Gifts

Some are of course feeling powerless or otherwise unhappy in their lives.

Writing cruel, awful things on social media makes them feel powerful and gives them a rush.

The idea that they might ruin a famous person's day makes them feel better about their own lives.

Teresa Giudice Black and White "Challenge Accepted" Photo

Of course, social media also comes without the interpersonal reactions that remind us to follow social rules.

Just looking at a picture, people will comment the cruel things that they might say to a friend beside them.

This lack of a filter causes many people to be deeply unkind to others without thinking about it.

Teresa Giudice on a Set

Whatever is at the rute of the hostility, we hope that Teresa didn't see as many of these comments as we did.

It's important to listen to fans when they're right. Sometimes, stars need to be called out.

But when it's just face-shaming cruelty without purpose? That can and should be ignored.

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